Daily activities of Gowrie-Kunkua librarian #Ghana

On Monday, 1st August 2022. I came to the library at 7:32 am. I did my cleaning, re-arrange the books in the shelves and water the trees. The activities that took place in the library was group reading, individual reading and Games. We played “Lodu” and “Oware”. On Tuesday, I arrived the library at 8:18am. There were two patrons who helped me to do the sweeping and arrangement of chairs and tables. On Wednesday, I arrived at the Library at 8:17am and after sweeping I went to the Kunkua Primary School for the classroom group reading using their Library hours with “The Book Amoako and the Forest” By Deborah Cowley. On Thursday, I came to Library at 7:13am. Cleaned and re-shelved the used Books. I did the watering of the the planted trees and later fetched drinking water for the patrons. On Friday, I went to the Library at 7:17am. I did cleaning, re-arrangement of the books and watered the trees and later played games like Ludo and Oware with patrons. On Saturday , I went to the Library at 7:14am. I did my cleaning, and watered the trees. The patrons and I had group reading.