A health camp in Kitengesa community library in Uganda

Kitengesa community library in Uganda recently launched a women’s health camp. The library  had a terrific young doctor from the Marie Stopes clinic in town talking to women and the women participated enthusiastically.  UBC interns are hard at work, with librarians and library scholars. Library scholars are learning how to play snakes and ladders. There is a version of the game that includes ladder cards, naming practices that are good for your health, and snake cards, naming practices that are bad for it. The camps hopes to get women to make equivalent cards about cancer.

Some photos from Kitengesa library in Uganda

The children in the photos come from the Muslim primary school in Kitengesa trading centre. Their classmates were in a football match, and they were at a loose end. The books that Kitengesa Community Library has for young children have become very popular. Adults come regularly to read the newspapers.

Update from Kitengesa Community Library in Uganda

From Kate Parry:  We were at Kitengesa last week. The library’s Self-Help Group (that emerged from the Women’s Group) is going strong, and so is our work with the deaf; we are planning to put in for an All Children Reading grant for the latter, to translate African Storybook stories into Ugandan Sign Language. We have ASb’s support, so it only remains now to get the grant (we probably won’t, since it’s very competitive, but you never know). The village is growing apace, with the Afripads factory and our own maize mill going up—the maize mill, in fact, is ready to start production. We planned a trial before leaving last week but couldn’t do it because there was no electricity that day.