Reports from Ghana libraries supported by FAVL from Amii Clement Nsoh. August, 2023.

In Sumbrungu Community Library, their attendance were so impressive. We had storytelling, read-aloud for children to promote literacy and to develop the love for reading, and spelling English word found in some common story books like fati and the old man. We usually select some patrons to tell us stories in either English or in our local dilate, this activity is to promote the fluencies of English in our young patrons and make them bold speakers at a younger age. Also we assisted some patrons to solve their home works and assignments. IT session was also encouraged on patrons on computer knowledge basis. Movie shows in Sumbrungu Community library, it’s a session where a selected movie is displayed on the tv set for our patrons to enjoy and share their thoughts about the particular movie being showed and moral lesson in it. In Gowrie Kunkua Community Library During the month has been good especially during the night although the attendance has been poor during afternoon session. This is due to the rainfalls, the females are carrying the highest attendance as compare to male. The activities that took place in the library during the month were protection of trees, group reading, individual reading and some games were played. Also Sherigu Community Library.The patronage of this month was good in the first and second week of the month, this is because most of the patrons used the library to read for their exams. But the third and forth week of the month the night patronage was low as compared to last month and this is because it has started raining heavily during those weeks. Sometimes we always do reading competitions for them and after reading they were asked to narrate the story.