Further work at Gowrie-Kunkua community library in Ghana

From Benedict Akana: Greetings from Gowrie-kunkua community. We went to the wood-work market to purchase lumber that is necessary for the work. It has been sprayed against wood-eating bugs. The professional carpenters presented us an estimated budget for the work. So, I came with a pickup to collect the materials. They will work on the following:

  • Fixing the louvers of the remaining windows.
  • Fixing the window caps against rain splashes.
  • Fixing two interior doors.
  • Make four new shelves for the library
  • Maintenance of some damaged tables and chairs.

Repainting Sherigu Community Library

From Benedict Akana:

The work in Sherigu Community Library is well done. The work took two days. That is Thursday and Friday. We decided to use light blue and deep blue color paint. And for painting the tables and chairs we used brown oil color paint.
I must tell you that the library hall is quite big. They estimated three buckets of emulsion paint for the hall but it took four buckets instead. As for the oil paint for the tables and chairs they estimated 3 containers. On behalf of the Diana Nsolebna Abane the new librarian through CESRUD says thank you. NB: the welder is also going to finish up the work of the library door.

Library Readers’ Club in Sumbrungu inaugurated in Upper East, Ghana!

Benedict Akana writes: As part of our activities of the April, today we had the inauguration ceremony and World Book Day celebration. We had over 200 hundred members from surrounding community and private schools. In presence and participation was the regional librarian as the Guest of honor, and Rex Asanga in the capacity as the mayor of Bolgatanga and executive Director of CESRUD/FAVL gave the inaugural address the Library Readers Club.

Update from Ghana libraries, first week April

Benedict Akana, CESRUD coordinator, sent in this update:

This update covers the activities of the CLs this week from the 4th to the 8th of April, 2022. This week marked the examination period of schools. So, the CLs were the venue for majority of users. The Library Coordinator (LC) par a visit to the Sumbrungu Communnity Library, that was Monday 4th April do his usual supervisory and monitoring responsibility, he took the opportunity to also share with the library users present about the importance of the library before, during and after the exams. And the need for every user to have a personal study timetable as a guide for reading and learning. The pupils were happy and thankful about the encouraging words of the the LC. On the Tuesday 5th of April the LC paid a visit to Gowrie-Kunkua Community Libraries (GkCL) for supervision and monitoring, there were Library users seriously reading their lessons to prepare for their exams. LC helped the librarian to re-shelves books. He encouraged the librarian to do thorough dusting each day because of the dust. We are entering in to the raining season and more often it gets windy. Some of the windows have no louvers so, he promised to fix it.On the 7th of April the CL visited Sherigu Community Library (ShCL). A priori the ShC librarian, Mavis Adombire resigned her post, to go to Sunyani. That her father has demanded she goes there and better her grades. So, on Friday the LC went to handover the library’s responsibilities to next Librarian awaiting appointment. She is in the person of Diana Ayamga. She was the second candidate on our list of interviewees. She was glad to be called upon and showed much interest to work in the ShCL. She promised to work hard for the betterment of the patrons and for the community. The LC took her through the orientation about CLs. We wish Diana a fruitful work.

The LC was able to discuss with the ShCL Committee chairman about the impending renovations of the library. He brought in a painter and a welder to estimate the cost of paints and the metal door for the library. However, this estimates have not yet got to us. But as soon as we got that, we will prepare for a request.

From Gowrie-Kunkua librarian in Ghana

On 1st of February, the Coordinator Mr. Benedict Akana and I visited some schools. We visited the Kunkua Primary and Junior High Schools. We shared with the various Headteacher about importance of the Community Library and how it will benefit the teachers and students when allowed to use the library during their reading hours. We also shared with them of our interest of bringing some of the Library Books to their schools to help the students to know and read our books. During our visit to the primary school, we established a reading program with the various classes and I started this reading program with the students on the 7th of February. The book that we are using for this program is called Kente for a King.

School reading with the Gowrie-Kunkua librarian

Benedict Akana, CESRUD library project coordinator in Ghana, visited Kunkua Community primary school where the librarian of Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library was taking the pupils through the Class Group Reading pilot. About 40 schoolchildren were reading. The headteacher said that the pupils and staff were happy of the library’s activities and initiatives of bringing the library to the doorstep of their school.

Tele-class in Sumbrungu library

Sumbrungu library hosted a tele-class organized through the Ministry of Education by the government of Ghana. It was there previously in the national television station done only on weekends but it is encouraged now and shown on regular basis due to the COVID-19. They telecast all the core subjects of the school curriculum. Unfortunately, majority of pupils parents of our target communities can not afford a television at home, so when their children visit the library they enjoy viewing the tele-class lessons too.