Update from Ghana libraries

Benedict writes:

Sumbrungu Assistant librarian Timothy is working at Sherigu Community library this week until we get a new full-time librarian (Sherigu librarian Cecilia was admitted to nursing school). The private school close to the community library reopened, and already the library welcomed some patrons. 
Five application letters have been received.

Ghana region library update November

From Paul Ayutoliya:

This is a report for the month of November 2021 for CESRUD/FAVL Ghana monitored and supervised by me. Attendance to the respective three community libraries for the month was very great and exciting. Pupils and students from the nearby schools to the respective libraries were the frequent users. The basic pupils in form 3 wrote their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the second week of this month and so all the libraries were the convenient environments where most of the candidates used to revise their notes in preparation towards their exams. At the Sumbrungu community library, records of patronage was very great both day and night times. Patrons read story books from the library, others revised their notes from schools, others read in groups, and whiles some patrons did dictations exercises with the librarians among others.

On the 22nd of November as reported earlier Auntie Kathy Knowles and Winifred Kyeremah paid a visit to the library, their visit was short but they helped us a lot in terms of putting our library in good shape and form. The patrons who took part in the drawing exercises were full of joy to part of an exercise or activity led by a white lady who they understand has devoted her life in promoting the joy of reading for all. They were taught on how to open pages of the books to ensure that the books last long.

Over the month, I read a novel titled The Shrinking Bowl by G. A. Agambila, I will share my summary of the novel in another mail to you.

The Sherigu community library also recorded a good number of library users as captured in the librarian report. The library was well patronize by the BECE candidates and other library users. Individual reading of story books, group reading and games were the month’s activities. The librarian held series of group reading with the patrons. One the story books she read was the story of the Lucky One by Kathy Knowles. I also read the story of The Leopard Magnificent Drum with patrons. Auntie Kathy during her visit the library also read the story of Ferdinand the bull with some patrons, my first time of hearing that story book read, it was an interesting book.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua library, library usage for the month was also good especially during the day time. Patrons who were mostly pupils from the Kunkua Primary and Junior High School visited the library and read books, some private candidates also used the library to revise their notes towards their exams.

The executive director of CESRUD, Hon. Rex Asanga introduced to me one Mr. Akana Benedict, Hon. Rex informed that Mr. Benedict will be taking over the supervisory role that he plays in the community libraries so that he can have time to concentrate on his new job as the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive. I have since gone round with Benedict to the three community libraries. The librarians and myself will be meeting him one of these days to know ourselves better and to also see how we can work together to improve upon our library work among others. I’m sure Hon Rex have brought this to your attention.

November in the Ghana libraries

This is summary of CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians report for November 2021. The three librarians reported that library patronage for the month was very good and encouraging. The Sumbrungu Community library librarians reported that library attendance for the month was really encouraging as a result of the activities that took place. Story reading, group reading, storytelling, drawing and painting and indoor games were the activities of the month. On 23rd November, the library patrons had a drawing and painting of any animal of their imaginations with Auntie Kathy during the night time, this activity with Kathy was one of the best and interesting activity of the month. Auntie Kathy and Winifred O. Kyeremah helped the librarians to reorganize the library and to also remove some books that were very old and not used by the users for a long time. The Sherigu Community library librarian reported that the library was highly patronized both day and night times. She reported that the day time patronage was more than that of the night time. Clean up exercises, sewing of books, visit to nearby schools, group reading and individual reading, librarian inventing a new game were activities of the month. On group reading she elaborated in her report the Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf that Auntie Kathy Knowles read with a group of some library users. The story was an interesting one worth reading by everyone.  The librarian wrote some letters on cardboard and cut the letters out, patrons are then asked to spell out some words using these cardboard squares by arranging the letters. This is the new game she invented in month and patrons like it so much. The Gowrie-Kunkua Community library librarian reported that library patronage was quite encouraging and good. Individual reading, storytelling, group reading, games and others.

Kathy Knowles of Osu Children’s Library Fund paid a visit to CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries

From Paul Ayutoliya:

Kathy Knowles of Osu Children’s Library Fund paid a visit to CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries. They arrived at Sumbrungu on Monday the 22nd of November. She was accompanied by the new coordinator for the Kathy’s libraries in Accra, Madam Winifred Obeng Kyeremeh and their driver. Kathy is currently writing a book and wanted our views on our indigenous food among others. They visited the Sherigu and the Bolgatanga Regional Libraries.  At the Sherigu library Kathy read the story of Ferdinand with some users.She took notice of the books the librarian sewed and was impressed about it, they learned from the librarian Miss Cecilia how to sew, they both practice right at the library and sewed one book each. In Sumbrungu, they helped us to reorganize the books in the library. Auntie Kathy led the children to draw any animals in their imaginations,  all the beautiful drawings were pasted in our new reading hall. They also assisted us to take work out books from the shelves. On Tuesday before their departure to Accra, they visited the Bolgatanga market and took photos of millet, maize, beans, sweet potatoes, kenaf vegetables, Shea butter and other products. Though the stay at Sumbrungu was brief, we were honored to have them visit us.

Update from the three Uganda community libraries supported by FAVL through CESRUD for early November

From Paul Ayutoliya: Patronages to the respective three community libraries continued to better. The Junior High Schools form three students are climaxing the preparation towards their Basic Education Certificate Examination and so the continue to use the respective community libraries as serene environment for learning. Other students continue to make good use of the story books in the respective community libraries. Over the week, I tour some Junior High Schools with some librarians and met with students and their teachers. We spoke to students on the importance and benefits of reading. We encouraged students to visit the libraries near to them and read. For the BECE candidates we touched on the necessary preparation like getting their mathematical sets, pens, rules and pencils ready before the day of the examination, the need for them not to engage in any examination malpractices or fighting with colleagues or invigilators during the exams periods among others. We admonished them to continue to visit the respective libraries and read even after their examination. At the Sherigu community library, I read the story of the Leopard Drum with patrons of St. Peter and Paul Academy during my visit to the library for supervision. In the story we learned about the Akan or twi names (Akan or twi is a language spoken the Ashanti people of Ghana) of some forest animals. For instance in the story; the Akan name for leopard is Osebo, Elephant is Esono, python is Onini and others. In the story the leopard made a magnificent drum which all the forest animals like and wished it was theirs. The Sky-God wanted the drum and promised to reward any of the forest animals who would be able to bring the drum to him. The elephants, monkeys, pythons with all their big bodies tried without success, it was the tiny little tortoise who got the reward.

Summary of librarian’s reports for the month of October 2021 from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana

The three respective librarian’s reports that library’s patronage for October were very good. The Sumbrungu Community Library librarian reports that patronage to the library for the month was very impressive. He cited group reading, spelling of words, games, reading competition among others as the activities that took place during the month.The Sherigu Community Library librarian reports that library patronage for the month was good. Group reading, individual reading, visits to some schools and general cleanup exercise were some of the activities that took place in the library. She elaborated in her report about my visit with her to the Sherigu Junior High School to speak to students on the importance of reading and the need for them to visit the library and read. Some of the books read in the course of the month included The Bee Ninga, Kente for a King, the Pot of Wisdom among other books. From the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian also reported that attendance to the library was good. Activities for the month are almost the same as that of the Sherigu library activities.

October update on three community libraries in Upper East, Ghana run by CESRUD with support from FAVL

From Paul Ayutoliya:

The month begun well with a great number of patrons visiting and making good use of the respective three community libraries. Both the day time patronage and the night time patronage so far has been fantastic with a number of exciting reading activities. I also paid visits to some schools. On Monday the 4th of October at the Sumbrungu Library, I read the story of Mumaizu and the Hippos among others with some pupils of St. Charles Lwanga Primary School. This story book is one of the children favorite books. According to some pupils, they like the pictorial illustrations that is in the book. Students and pupils from the surrounding schools also visited the library and read different kinds of story books on individual basis and also in groups with colleagues. The librarian also read some story books with students.

In the evening session the library also recorded a great number of young adults visiting the library, especially the year threes Junior High school students who are just left with barely a month before the start of their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). To most of them the library is considered the most serene environment for learning.

From the Sherigu community library, patronage to the library was very good. On the 5th of October, I visited the library for supervision and monitoring. I took the opportunity and read with pupils of St. Peter and Paul Academy school two story books. The Pot of Wisdom, Ananse Stories and Kente for a King. According to the librarian, Miss Cecilia the evening time period was also very encouraging.

On 6th October, I visited the Gowrie-kunkua library. Library patronage was also quite good. I visited the Gowrie-kunkua Junior High School with the librarian and met with teachers and students of the school. I called on the teachers to continue to encourage the students to always visit the community library. I also met with all the students and spoke to them on the importance of reading and the need for each one of them to visit the library and read at all times.

I also visited some of the schools libraries to see how those libraries were doing. At Dazongo JHS and Primary School libraries, interacting with pupils actually shows that some were patronizing the books. Some other pupils and students I was told do borrow books of their interest home to read and return them at the agreed date. So by way of conclusion, the three community libraries so far has been doing great. On behalf of CESRUD, we are ever grateful to FAVL our main donor for the enormous support over the years, our appreciation also goes to Biblionef Ghana for also supporting all basic schools in Sumbrungu and some schools in Nyariga with School libraries. Big ups to all those who are also supporting reading in one way or the other all over.

Rex Asanga confirmed as Bolga MCE #Ghana

CESRUD director Rex Asanga (and FAVL partner) has been unanimously confirmed by the Bolgatanga Regional Assembly to the position of chief executive. Asanga (center, in white) has long been enthusiastic about promoting reading and access to book. Congratulations!

September 2021 CESRUD/FAVL attendance statistics

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a summary of the three librarians report for the month of September 2021 from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana. Patronage to the three community library as reported by all librarians were very encouraging and better. Patrons maximized the usage of all the libraries in this particular month, as Junior High school students were taking mock exams in preparations for their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in November. From the Sumbrungu community library, attendance to the library for the month was incredible, pupils from surrounding basic schools were the regular visitors to the library. Students from St. Charles Lwanga and Kulbia Primary schools visited the library in groups and read story books with the librarians and their teachers. Sherigu librarian reported that attendance to the library was very encouraging. The librarian read Mandy’s Revenge with patrons. From Gowrie-Kunkua community library, library patronage was quite encouraging.  Some activities that were carried out in the month were group reading and games among others.        

Ghana- report on three community libraries supported by FAVL through CESRUD

Attendance to the three respective community libraries during the month begun well as reported earlier with an encouraging number of library’s users being recorded. Despite the torrential rains recorded in the month, a good number of people saw the libraries as the only serene places that is conducive for reading and learning.

At the Sumbrungu community library, patronage to the library for the month was very good both day and night times. Students from St. Charles Lwanga and Kolgo Junior High Schools, and a good number of the primary pupils who were on vacation were the frequent users of the library during the day. Students from the far away Junior High Schools such as Dazongo, Anateem and Yebongo schools always joined their colleagues in the night time at the library to learn. Some students of the Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU) also visited the library with their books (handouts) to learn and prepared for their exams.

Some of the activities that took place in library during the month were; individual learning or reading, group reading, summary reports of story books read, games among others. Some story books read were; Pot of Wisdom, Anansi Starts a library, Teen Princess, the Clique and the Notorious Three, Courtesy for Boys and Girls, Where is my Chicken among others. The night time were mostly used by the young adults and adults, the form three students in the Junior High Schools are serious preparing for their BECE exams and so in the night times, most of them visited the library to study their notes, worked mathematics on individual basis and also with colleagues sometimes.

A patron came to the library one evening with a very good art work and gave it to me that could paste it in the library. I was impressed about her drawing, a little girl with such skills in drawing should be encourage to go higher, I thanked her and encourage her keep the good job on.

At the Sherigu community library, attendances to the library were good. The librarian during the month was at post making sure that everything worked well for the library to function well. She held some group reading with patrons and also assisted patrons in identifying and pronouncing difficult words, also she sew some books that were wearing out. The leaking problem in the library was addressed. During one of my visits to the library, I read in group with students of St. Peter and Paul Academy the story of Amoako and the forest, we also learned some tricky riddles. Some of the riddles learnt were;

What belongs to you but people use it more that you? Ans. Your Name.

What invention have human beings put in place that allows people to able to walk through a wall? Ans. Door.

Your parents have six sons including you and each son has a sister, how many people are in the family? Ans. Nine (9)

A certain five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to the word, what is the word? Ans. Short.

These and many other riddles were learnt, it was very interesting and brain cracking for the students as they sometime tried without getting the riddles right. Honestly I also tried without getting the answers right at first, but as I keep learning some of the riddles, I get better in knowing the answers to some of them.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, patronage to the library was also encouraging and quite good. I met with students of Kunkua Junior High School in the library during one of my visit and encouraged them to keep patronizing the library to read the books and also share with friends whatever they read or learn as these will encourage some of them to also come and read. As part of the government of Ghana policy to get the country green, some officials from the Bongo District forestry department came around the library and the clinic and on the streets and planted some acacia trees. We hope the trees will be well care for by citizens.

During the month, I visited some Junior High Schools in Sumbrungu and supervised the school libraries. Some of the schools I visited were making good use of their school libraries, there were few schools that I encourage the teachers to help the students to read the books, I also met with the students and spoke to them about the importance of reading and encourage them to read the books in their school libraries, I told them they can normally borrow some of the books to the house read and returned them the next day or after two days depending on the volumes or size of the books. The school libraries have indeed helped the students who are distance away from the community library, we are grateful to Biblionef for collaborating with CESRUD/FAVL in supporting the schools. We are hoping there will be further collaboration in the future.

We are planning to organize a reading competition for some selected Junior High Schools in September, so as and when we would be organizing it, I will convey the information to you for your say. The purpose of the reading competition will be to encourage reading that sparks the imaginations of the students to do critical thinking.

In conclusion, CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries are running quite well.

FAVL/CESRUD August 2021 attendance #Ghana

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a summary report by the three community libraries librarians for August 2021 supervised by me. The librarians all reported that patronage to the libraries has been better and very encouraging. The libraries were all well patronized by children young adults and adults alike, they all visited the libraries and read different kinds of story books, worked on their assignments, studied in groups and played games. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, the librarian reported that the library recorded an increased number of patrons who visited the library both day and night time. According to him, though the patronage recorded were good, it was not as that of the previous month because the primary pupils were on vacation in that month and also due to some torrential rains that started early in the month and has not stop yet. At the Sherigu Community Library, the librarian reported that patronage to the library was good. The night time of operations recorded more patrons than that of the day time, final year basic pupils/students who are currently preparing for the BECE exams in November made good use of the library in the night time resulting in the high numbers recorded during the night time among others. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community library, patronage to the library was good. The librarians all concluded their reports by extending their sincere thanks to FAVL, CESRUD and all those who supports in promoting the joy of reading.

Below is the table of statistics for August 2021.