Daily activities in Sumbrungu Community Library for the first week of August #Ghana

Monday (1st August 2022) I arrived at the library at 8:50am. I did some cleaning, shelved some books used by patrons previously. I read a story book entitled ‘Kente For A King’ illustrated by Edmund Opare. Students from St. Charles Lwanga Primary school came to the library at 10. I read a story to them and asked question about the book. I made them read a couple of books on their own and I corrected them for some read mistakes and meaning of some words. At 12pm, some friends from the Bolgatanga Technical University visited the library for their personal studies, after then some students from St. Charles Lwanga JHS came to study for their mock examination. I shelved used books and closed at 2pm. Tuesday, I arrived at the library at around 9am on a bright morning. I tidied up the library. At 10am 6 students from Kulbia Primary School visited the library. I engaged them with group reading for some time and later asked them to read on their own. I tried helping them read aloud some word as well as find their meanings from a dictionary. 14 students from Kolgo JHS and 8 students came to the library at 12:45pm for their personal studies because they had to prepare for their mock examination. I shelved the books used by patrons and closed the library at 2pm. Wednesday I had some issues with my bike so I was a little late for work but I opened the library at around 11am, and immediately some students from Kulbia primary visited the library. I asked them to select a story book of choice. They selected ‘Kente For A King’, is a book loved by our patrons. At 12pm some students from Kolgo JHS came for their personal studies. I closed the library at 2pm. Thursday was a holiday so I worked for a half day. I opened the library at around 8am. Only 6 patrons came to the library on that day, because most of them went to the farms with parents. We played a couple of games like cards and oware. I closed at around 1pm. Fridays are always exciting because it’s a day for games, storytelling and video show. I opened the library at 8am, I tidied up the library and shelved used books from the previous days. I took the television for the video show out and started a movie we would watch– ‘Ice Age’. Most of our patrons liked the movie because it was full of funny scenes We continued watching the Ghana leaning channel which helps student on some selected topics of study. After which we watched some educational videos on Ghana’s independence. I closed around 2pm.