Ghana’s second week back

From Paul Ayutoliya

The community libraries in Ghana were officially opened to the public on the 12th of January 2021. Attendance was low the first week but greatly increased the second week with lots of group reading, individual reading, and playing of some fun games. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, we read the story of Kente for a King by Angela Christian and retold by Kathy Knowles. Pupils and students having to stay away from books and learning for close to a year seriously affected the reading ability of many. But the good news is that the libraries are back and running offering everyone the opportunity to pick up a book of their choice and read. We are impressed with the patronage of the Sumbrungu community library so far. At Sherigu community library, the story of patronage was the same. Attendance increased in the second week as a result of some interesting reading activities held by the librarian Miss Cecilia Adombila. She read the Fati series by Kathy Knowles among other storybooks. At the Gowrie Kunkua community library attendance is low as patrons are waiting for the renovation works to be completed. Once renovations are complete and books are moved back in, we expect attendance to increase as usual! In conclusion, the respective community libraries are recording some significant increases in the number of patrons visiting the libraries! We are hopeful of more attendance and good use of the library books moving forward.

Ghana Libraries Opening to Public in January

CESRUD/FAVL Ghana will open on the 12th of January 2021, officially resuming work from the New Year break. We are hoping this year will better than the previous one. A number of our interesting library activities such as reading competitions amongst the various basic schools, vacation classes, outreach programs (that is visits to the surrounding schools and reading with students storybooks from the community libraries in their classes) will be starting.  The COVID 19 situation in Ghana appears to be a little under control and the President has since announced that all basic schools from kindergarten, primary, and junior high will all get back to schools on the 15th of January. Wearing a nose or face mask would be mandatory. With the students and pupils getting back to school in their numbers, reading at the community libraries will be very great and interesting again!

Kitengesa Community Library’s Covid Catchup scheme in Uganda

The Kitengesa Community Library’s Covid Catchup scheme has taken off! Assistant librarian Muhammad has downloaded curriculum materials made available by Uganda’s National Curriculum Development Council, made printouts of them, and he and his colleague Moses are lending them to students—who observe social distancing and wear masks when they come to the library. Thank you, Muhammad and Moses!

December 2020 statistics Ghana libraries

The librarians all report that December started and ended well with lots of interesting libraries activities. Patronage to the libraries for the month was very encouraging. Basic pupils during the month maximized the usage of the respective libraries in preparation for their end of term exams. But overall attendance numbers for the respective libraries were reduced as compared to the previous month. The 7th December 2020, general elections, the Christmas festivities and the New Year mood played a significant role in the reduced numbers recorded. The librarians all concluded their reports by extending their sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire FAVL team, CESRUD Executive Director, the libraries Coordinator and their cherished library users. They wished us all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.