Animation BMP du 10 au 15 février dans les écoles de la commune de Houndé, #Burkina

L’animateur de la Bibliothèque mobile Pénélope a effectué pendant la période du 10 au 15 février 2020, des activités d’animations avec les élèves du primaire dans les écoles de la commune de Houndé. Ces activités qui sont entre autres des séances de dessins et de lecture guidée ont animée les journées de sorties de la bibliothèque mobile. Quelques élèves ont eu l’opportunité de s’exercer en dessins et de faire la lecture avec l’encadrement de l’animateur de la BMP.

L’ambassade des Etats-Unis fait un don de livres à FAVL #Burkina #lwili

Don de livreDans le cadre de la promotion de la lecture au profits des populations Burkinabé, la bibliothèque de l’ambassade des Etats-Unis au Burkina Faso et amis des bibliothèques de villages africains/FAVL, entretiennent de bonnes relations de partenariat. En fin 2018 et dans le premier semestre de l’année 2019, les deux partenaires ont initié dans 8 bibliothèques communautaires soutenues par FAVL, la deuxième et la troisième édition du programme de lecture « Leaders are readers ». Un programme de lecture qui consiste à encourager les élèves du premier et second cycle des lycées et collèges à fréquenter les bibliothèques et à lire. Dans ce sens que le 14 février dernier, les responsables de la bibliothèque de l’ambassade des Etats-Unis et le représentant national de FAVL se retrouvés pour faire un bilan des activités des activités. Les participants ont trouvé le bilan du programme très satisfaisant et ont souhaité qu’une évaluation soit faite pour voir l’impact dudit programme. Pour encourager FAVL dans sa mission de promotion de la lecture à travers sa nouvelle initiative dénommée bibliothèque mobile Pénélope dans la commune de Houndé, la bibliothèque de l’ambassade des USA a fait un don de 80 livres tous de la littérature pour enfants.

Update on Ghana libraries supported by FAVL

At the Sumbrungu Community Library, students and pupils from far and near have been the most frequent visitors especially during the night time. They visited the library in their good numbers, read notes written from schools, story books in the library and had fun watching movies and playing games. The library is indeed becoming a serene home to many more students and pupils. We have form a young adults reading club in the library, we agreed to read and discuss each story book every Friday in the evening time. So this week’s reading starts today! Sherigu Community Library also recorded good patronage with lots of interesting reading and other activities which brought more patrons. The librarian there has been do a great job by organizing lots of reading activities with support from some teachers of St. Peter and Paul Academy. I met with some patrons last week in the library during the night time. I encourage them to visit the library at all times and make good use of the books. At Gowrie-Kunkua community library, patronage have also been good with interesting library activities.

Kitengesa Community Library’s 2020 Youth Health Camp, Uganda

Thursday, February 6, was the last full day of the Kitengesa Community Library’s 2020 Youth Health Camp. The participants were 20 students (10 girls and 10 boys) who were just beginning their second year at secondary school. They had spent eight days learning about health issues, especially about nutrition, HIV-AIDS, and the most common cancers in Uganda. This being the last day, they were reviewing some of the material, and when I arrived the head librarian and the visiting health professional were fielding questions about dangerous practices such as smoking. Why do policemen smoke, a student asked, if they know it is not good for them? This led to a discussion of the attractions of smoking and the dangers of addiction.

Then each student was asked to name a topic they were going to research and make a presentation on the next day. The most popular topic was “balanced diet”, with several saying they would concentrate on particular vegetables (carrot, cabbage, or dodo, which is a local kind of spinach. Others chose to work on HIV-AIDS, and one said he would research Uganda’s three most common cancers. A few made trial presentations, and then they all spent the hour before lunch working on their projects.

After lunch the group followed the usual routine in discussing the meal they had just eaten and identifying the nutritional properties of each item. Then they went back to their research, a few on computers (even though the library has only two working ones), a few on smart phones (again, there were only two), and several reading books. Most worked in groups, and all were busy making notes. The librarians told me that the students’ ability to get information from written text has noticeably improved, and they commented on how important it was to have ten days for the camp rather than six, as they had last year.

So now we are looking for funds to support future camps—we would like to have one for older students about environmental concerns—and also to buy computers for the students to do their research. What the librarians have done this year is excellent, but it could be so much better with more equipment!

Bibliothèque mobile Pénélope (BMP) anime les écoles de Houndé

Lecture à l'école Saint Thérèse de Jésus smL’animateur de la bibliothèque mobile Pénélope (BMP) Guienda Yacouba dans le but d’inciter d’avantage les élèves à la lecture, a animé pendant la période du 27 janvier au 1er février 2020 des activités d’animations au sein des écoles C, D, E, F, Lokihoun, Saint Thérèse de Jésus et l’école A de Houndé. Parmi ces activités menées, nous pouvons citer : les séances de dessins, des sensibilisations sur l’importance de la lecture, le lavage des mains et surtout un accent particulier a été mis sur l’entretien des livres. L’animateur a invité les élèves à l’ordre pour faire de ces livres un bon usage.

Reports from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians for January 2020

From Paul Ayuretoliya:

Per the librarians account, January 2020 began on a very good note with good patronages to the respective community libraries. The first week of resuming work from the festive celebration, was mostly used for major cleanup exercises to keep the libraries and its surroundings cleaned. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, attendance was very good. This was as a result of the reopening of the basic schools and some students who were preparing towards their ‘West African Certificate Examination’ among others. At Sherigu Community Library, the story is almost the same. The librarian during the month read a novel titled “The Red Heifer” by Peggy Oppong. She said, the story is an interesting and impacting to any reader that had the privilege to read it. The novel according to her talks about how Nathan and Keilah’s wonderful marriage ends when he [Nathan] loses his well paid job and a whole lot of others things. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Library, the story of patronage and libraries activities are also almost the same. The librarian and the entire community were very happy and thankful for the renovations works that took place in the library. They expressed their sincere appreciations and thanks to FAVL for the tremendous support given to their library.

Ghana stats Jan 2020

Kitengesa Community Library health camp for teenagers #Uganda

The Kitengesa Community Library has held a health camp for teenagers almost every year now since 2014. The camp focuses on nutrition and on prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS; and in the present one we are also introducing a session on cancer. The students, who are just beginning Senior Two, are 13-14 years old, an age when they really need to know about these matters. Many of them will continue to work with the librarians after the camp as members of the Youth Leadership Group, working to spread the word about what they’ve learned and to cultivate nutritious food crops themselves.

The 2020 Youth Health Camp is taking place in the library right now, and Ssebuuma Muhammad one of the librarians, has just sent this set of pictures. FAVL director Kate Parry expectd to visit the library this coming Thursday and Friday to take part in the last day of activities and in the closing ceremony.

La semaine d’animation de la BMP à Houndé #Burkina

Pendant la période du 20 au 25 janvier 2020, la bibliothèque mobile Pénélope (BMP) a observé des sorties dans 06 écoles de la commune de Houndé : A, B, D, E, F, Lokihoun et l’école Saint Thérèse de Jésus. Elle a été bien reçu par les élèves et enseignants des dites écoles. Les enseignants que nous avons rencontrés ont bien apprécié l’initiative « la lecture il n’y a rien de telle pour un élève ». Les élèves également dans les écoles ont fait preuve de présence, de sagesse et d’amour à la lecture. Si toute fois quelques-uns s’amusaient, la plus part des élèves étaient assidus à côté de la BMP jusqu’à l’heure du départ. L’animateur profitait de leur présence pour mener des séances de sensibilisations sur l’entretien et les pertes de livres ainsi que l’importance de la lecture.

Donation of locally produced books to Houndé library, #Burkina

FAVL’s multimedia center in Houndé has been busy producing books, and last week donated about 400 copies of locally written and produced books to the Lumière pour enfants library in Houndé. The librarian, Boni Pauline, was happy to receive the books! They are especially useful for group reading activities.

Signature du contrat avec l’animateur de la bibliothèque mobile Pénélope (BMP)

Signature du contrat avec l'animateur de la BMPLe représentant national de FAVL-BF Sanou Dounko, lors de son séjour à Houndé province du Tuy, a procédé à la signature du contrat avec l’animateur de la BMP Mr Guienda Yacouba. Mais avant la signature du contrat, le représentant a tenu un entretien sur la motivation du candidat à savoir sa passion avec la lecture et son amour avec les enfants. Le contrat est signé pour une durée de 03 mois à compter du 12 janvier au 12 avril 2020. Il se dit prêt pour animer cette bibliothèque mobile dans les écoles de la commune de Houndé.