Day to day work of the Sherigu librarian #Ghana

On the 1st August 2022, l arrived at the library around 7:50am. After cleaning I did a group reading with some of the S.S Peter and Paul academy students on a book entitled “The Lucky One” and some patrons also did individual reading, during the night session the library users continued the individual reading because most of them are writing exams. The librarian helped some of them by explaining their noted for them. On 2nd, after their exams, some of the library users read stories books like ” Otu Goes to Sea”, “Why Fish Live In Water” and also some Text Books. On the 3rd, l got to the library at 8:10am. I did my usual cleaning: sweeping the place, dusting the chairs, tables, benches and the shelves. I also took down statistics and monitored on patrons to make sure there is silence in the library. In the evening the patrons continued their personal reading because of their exams. On Friday 5th of August 2022, after doing my usually duties. I left the library around 10:35am. I then came back to the library. I borrowed some books to the students to go and read and later narrate the story to me in writing when they are done reading and then closed at 3:05pm.