Summary of librarian’s reports for the month of October 2021 from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana

The three respective librarian’s reports that library’s patronage for October were very good. The Sumbrungu Community Library librarian reports that patronage to the library for the month was very impressive. He cited group reading, spelling of words, games, reading competition among others as the activities that took place during the month.The Sherigu Community Library librarian reports that library patronage for the month was good. Group reading, individual reading, visits to some schools and general cleanup exercise were some of the activities that took place in the library. She elaborated in her report about my visit with her to the Sherigu Junior High School to speak to students on the importance of reading and the need for them to visit the library and read. Some of the books read in the course of the month included The Bee Ninga, Kente for a King, the Pot of Wisdom among other books. From the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian also reported that attendance to the library was good. Activities for the month are almost the same as that of the Sherigu library activities.