Greetings from M-LISADA (library) in Uganda

Good morning members how are you, greetings from M-LISADA. It’s been long since we last communicated but our library is doing so well,our children are committed to coming everyday and they are so active in participating. During this period of the lock down we have engaged our children with different activities that are in the library and these are some of the activities that we have been doing in the library. Reading out loud, most of our children have been able to read audibly a story book to their friends. Story telling, this has helped our children to be attentive and participate during the activity,and most of them have been able to ask questions were necessary. Debates, this has helped to build confidence among the children. Riddles, this has helped our children to know the hidden meanings of some words. Playing games, this has helped our children to be active, be great thinkers and learn how to plan for something very well. Games like puzzles, cheese, Ludo and cards(matatu).