Update from the three Uganda community libraries supported by FAVL through CESRUD for early November

From Paul Ayutoliya: Patronages to the respective three community libraries continued to better. The Junior High Schools form three students are climaxing the preparation towards their Basic Education Certificate Examination and so the continue to use the respective community libraries as serene environment for learning. Other students continue to make good use of the story books in the respective community libraries. Over the week, I tour some Junior High Schools with some librarians and met with students and their teachers. We spoke to students on the importance and benefits of reading. We encouraged students to visit the libraries near to them and read. For the BECE candidates we touched on the necessary preparation like getting their mathematical sets, pens, rules and pencils ready before the day of the examination, the need for them not to engage in any examination malpractices or fighting with colleagues or invigilators during the exams periods among others. We admonished them to continue to visit the respective libraries and read even after their examination. At the Sherigu community library, I read the story of the Leopard Drum with patrons of St. Peter and Paul Academy during my visit to the library for supervision. In the story we learned about the Akan or twi names (Akan or twi is a language spoken the Ashanti people of Ghana) of some forest animals. For instance in the story; the Akan name for leopard is Osebo, Elephant is Esono, python is Onini and others. In the story the leopard made a magnificent drum which all the forest animals like and wished it was theirs. The Sky-God wanted the drum and promised to reward any of the forest animals who would be able to bring the drum to him. The elephants, monkeys, pythons with all their big bodies tried without success, it was the tiny little tortoise who got the reward.