Ghana librarians February meeting at the Sumbrungu Community Library

Quick summary from Paul Ayutoliya, FAVL-CESRUD coordinator:

IMG_20200228_120638_781Starting from the Sumbrungu librarian Mr. Apenore Timothy, he said the month wasa good one with lots of reading and fun games. He also spoke about the reading club and encouraged colleague librarians to consider also forming the reading clubs at their libraries. He noted that two of the fans that were developing problems. On attendance, the interesting reading activities in the library with videos shows and games contributed in the great number of patronages recorded. From Sherigu Community Library, Miss Cecelia Adombila reports that patronage of the library was very encouraging. She touched on the interesting library activities that kept patrons visiting all times, some of which were dancing with patrons, sharing poems and reading in group. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian, Mr. Wilfred Nyaaba also reports that attendance to the library for the month was good. He also mentioned cleanup exercise among others reading activities.

The librarians reviewed the library guide again emphasizing on the code of conduct and the role of each one of them while at work.They discussed the upcoming reading competition to be held in March.