Statistics for Ghana community libraries supported by FAVL, February 2020

Patronage to the three community libraries for February proudly supported by FAVL continued on a very encouraging note. All the three community libraries recorded good patronage with lots of fantastic and fun library activities.

At the Sumbrungu Community Library, main activities of the month includes group reading, individual reading, interesting puzzles games, video shows and visits to surrounding schools among others. One of the books read and discussed was The Bad News by Margaret Atter from the child right club. The story was about adolescent and reproductive health. In the story, a girl name Ama was stopped from school and all her friends deserted her because she contacted the AIDS virus. A nurse came to the village and explained to the villagers on HIV AIDS and they understood and Ama was allowed to continue her schooling again.

At the Sherigu Community Library, the librarian reported that patronage was quite good both the daily and night visits. Activities also include collective reading, playing of games, poem recitation and sharing of tales. She also touched on story books she read during the month. One of the books read is The Lawyer who Bungled his Life by Asare Konadu. David Abayaa, Dogo Dagarti’s eldest son, a British trained lawyer, marriage was ruin due to his deep love for alcohol. As he walks in his village, people will be pointing hands at him saying this is the lawyer who bungled his life.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian also reports of good patronage during the month. He mentioned playing of games, group reading and cleanup exercise as part of the activities during the month.

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