Summary of a novel Daylight by Edem Kweku Nunya

By Paul Ayutoliya:

IMG_20200205_195416_4The  novel Daylight by Edem Kweku Nunya is a very interesting novel that will keep one flipping to the next page after each page. A novel that will drive one never to give up his or her dreams in life.

The people of Egoli village were not happy with the kind of life they were living. The Egoli village had been impoverished for far too long because they lack social amenities. The Chief and people of Egoli village received news that some Whites Missionaries from the Atlantic Ocean will be visiting their village to bring development. They received the news with great joy. The only school that existed was found in another village called Akpoipoi which was about 40 kilometers away, and only the rich were able to enroll their wards in such a distant school. The White Missionaries finally arrived in the village one day to a rousing welcome by the Chief and people, they drummed and danced in welcoming their august guests to the village square. Their (the Missionaries) message of development and civilization was well received by the Chief and his people. The village folks and their chief were happy that sooner than later their village will no more experience the extreme poverty, hunger, diseases and wars that have led to lost of many lives. A few years later, the missionaries established a church, school and health centers, these amenities served as hope to everyone in Egoli.

Many of the village folks were encouraged to enroll their wards in the children school programme, many parents agreed and send their children to the school except Emefa’s family. Emefa was a little girl who had passion to be enroll into the school but the father Kli Akpabio vehemently opposed it, saying they have their own beliefs and that all his children would follow those landmarks. Emefa’s father was preparing her to become a priestess after her grandmother in the village. At long last, Emefa was enrolled into the school and she did brilliantly well in all the subject. She would many of the reading competition and other contest. Emefa after graduating from school wrote a very encouraging story about her experience when she was sent to the village to stay with her grandmother to learn the basics priestess roles, which in a way was to prepare her to succeed her grandmother after her death. Her story was to encourage all especially the young children never to give up in life on whatever dreams and aspirations they have.

The novel was an interesting one and I liked it. I have asked the librarians to also read the story and let me have their thoughts on it. The story was very easy to understand, it was not that difficult getting the point or idea of the novel.