Brief Report on Mountain Bikes Mobile Library – Marko Lukooya Memorial Community Library in Uganda

The community mountain bike mobile library is an initiative of Marko Lukooya memorial community library which is going to support communities access books through and after Covid- era supported by book aid micro projects grant.
On 20th of October, we received funds for the Book Aid Micro project to implement the mountain mobile library in the communities of Bbanda Bugenderadala, Kyandanza, Nantula, Nakayaga and Sunga and surrounding areas. The project started with identifying youth who will be involved in the project. We decided to have 14 youth trained as they will be switched and working in groups, this is because there was interests of our youth to learn more of being community mobile librarians. The One-day training was done and the group have been taken through learning how to ride bikes especially the girls who did not know how to ride. The next steps is make a community survey as planned which will guide on books purchase that are missing in our library also the request by the community through our survey. Photo 1 Purchased Mt. Bikes ready for use in the project at Marko Lukooya Memorial Community Library Veranda. Photo 2 is of the girls at Marko Lukooya Learning how to ride bikes before community survey. The next steps will be shared in the upcoming report.