Update from Mpolyabigere community library in Uganda

From Emmanuel Anguyo, an update from Mpolyabigere community library about the ongoing progress of the SOAKO project. 

SOMAKO – READit project in Namayumba, Wakiso District has raised so much interest among the children. The enthusiasm to read and write has is gaining momentum among all ages as you can see from the pictures. We managed to set up the ten SOMAKO clubs in October and distributed reading materials mostly in English. Some of them were large volumes. Interestingly, children and adults picked up all kinds of books large and small and I could hear some reading in Luganda. This meant that the pictures where the main source of the reading. We then supplied some charts and the writing materials. The children designed books, drew pictures and were so interested in sharing their books. It is raining and the reading spaces are messy, the children are dirty and the parents are busy in the gardens. Excuses about making the books dirty are emerging. We continue to encourage the adults not to mind so much about dirt but to train them in handwashing. There has been a delay in delivery of washing equipment and solar because of competing activities especially delay in producing labels. The focus this month is to role out on the reading and writing challenges related to covid and Christmas. We are also faced with the challenges of teachers and parents in some clubs who are inclined to teaching and not allowing the children to enjoy themselves. 
Rev. Dr Gulere, Director Education and Research, Mpolyabigere Libraries Uganda