November in the Ghana libraries

This is summary of CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians report for November 2021. The three librarians reported that library patronage for the month was very good and encouraging. The Sumbrungu Community library librarians reported that library attendance for the month was really encouraging as a result of the activities that took place. Story reading, group reading, storytelling, drawing and painting and indoor games were the activities of the month. On 23rd November, the library patrons had a drawing and painting of any animal of their imaginations with Auntie Kathy during the night time, this activity with Kathy was one of the best and interesting activity of the month. Auntie Kathy and Winifred O. Kyeremah helped the librarians to reorganize the library and to also remove some books that were very old and not used by the users for a long time. The Sherigu Community library librarian reported that the library was highly patronized both day and night times. She reported that the day time patronage was more than that of the night time. Clean up exercises, sewing of books, visit to nearby schools, group reading and individual reading, librarian inventing a new game were activities of the month. On group reading she elaborated in her report the Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf that Auntie Kathy Knowles read with a group of some library users. The story was an interesting one worth reading by everyone.  The librarian wrote some letters on cardboard and cut the letters out, patrons are then asked to spell out some words using these cardboard squares by arranging the letters. This is the new game she invented in month and patrons like it so much. The Gowrie-Kunkua Community library librarian reported that library patronage was quite encouraging and good. Individual reading, storytelling, group reading, games and others.