CESRUD/FAVL August update

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is an update report of happenings in the three community libraries up north for August. Attendance to all the community libraries has been good so far, despite the torrential rains in our part of the country this month, library usage was still encouraging. At the Sumbrungu community library, patronage thus far has been very good. Students of St. Charles Lwanga Junior High School and the Sumbrungu Kolgo Junior High School were frequent library users. Patrons who were students from various basic schools in Sumbrungu and Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU) visited the library well in the evening time. The community library was seen as the serene environment for concentrated and focus learning their notes and working on their assignments. With the completion and commissioning of the additional reading room, the library now receives more readers and learners than before. At the Sherigu community library, library patronage was also good. The librarian had been doing a great job by organizing group reading with patrons, guiding users in identifying unfamiliar words, sewing some weak and torn books among others.  At the Gowrie-Kunkua community library, library patronage was quite good also. The librarian held some group reading with patrons among individual base reading and learning. The night session has been quite encouraging but less than the day time due to the lighting works that is yet to worked on. In conclusion, the three community libraries up north, with great support from FAVL is running well. We extend our sincere greetings and appreciation to you all.