Inauguration extended reading room of the Sumbrungu community library #Ghana

From Paul:

On the 23rd of July, the extended reading room of the Sumbrungu community library was inaugurated. We initially planned to have a brief ceremony but we ended up spending more time than expected because the invited guests, head teachers and teachers, library users who were present, reps of the Sumbrungu Youth and Development Association (SUYDA) among others were all happy that an additional library room has been added to the existing one and all of them wanted to say a word. They were all thankful to Mr. Rex and the donors and all those who supported him in putting up the structure. Mr. Rex addressing the gathering, thanked them all for coming to grace the occasion. He said idea of an additional library room was to address the limited capacity of the current library hall to contain the increase number of library users, it was to also enable the library users to observe the COVID 19 social distancing protocol measures. He called on the government to support communities and schools with libraries in a bid to improve and promote the reading culture in children. This he believes will improve the performance of children education especially at the basic levels. The rep of the Upper East Municipal Education Director, Mr. Frederick Ayine who spoke on behalf of the director commended CESRUD for contributing a lot in improving reading abilities of children in the Sumbrungu, Sherigu and Gowrie-Kunkua areas and by extension Ghana as a whole. He called on everyone to support the education of children especially in the rural communities. He assured CESRUD that he was going to carry the good message back to the director and whatever support they can offer, they will do it.

The rep of SUYDA was thankful to CESRUD for a great work done and also assured that he will get the message back to the youth group and whatever the feedback is, they will let us hear it. Chairman of the Bolga West B and North Circuit association was very happy that their students and pupils has gotten an additional reading room. He said CESRUD over the years has contributed tremendously to the education of children through the community libraries and school libraries. He mentioned that teachers has benefit tremendously through some upgrading training programs on child development among others from CESRUD. He encouraged his colleague teachers to also play their part by supporting children to read. It was a beautiful ceremony we had on that day. On behalf of the librarians, our cherished library users, I want to extend our sincere appreciation to first the executive director of CESRUD, the Amsterdam-Bolgatanga Foundation and our main donor FAVL for the supporting CESRUD to finish this great project. God richly bless and replenished you with all the resources you supported us with. We also extend our appreciation to Biblionef Ghana for supporting our schools and Sumbrungu Community Library.