Update July 2021 community libraries supported by CESRUD in collaboration with FAVL

Attendance to the three community libraries for the month of July were good and encouraging. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, patronage to the library were very great. Frequent users to the library during the day time periods were pupils and students from the surroundings basic schools such as St. Charles Lwanga Primary and Junior High, Kulbia Primary school and Kolgo Junior High School among others. The night time periods were also well patronized but certainly not up to the day time. Some of the library’s activities during the month includes; read and share, individual reading, group reading, storytelling, spelling of words and playing of games. The library were well patronized as a result of some of these activities that were organized. There were other interesting story books we read as well. The night periods were also patronized mostly by the young adults and adult users. They visited the library and read their notes taken from schools, work on their assignments, and read story books among others. So in the Sumbrungu community library, library usage was great.

At the Sherigu community library, attendance to the library was very good. Frequent users were mostly pupils and students of St. Peter and Paul Academy and Dorongo Primary and Junior High School. They visited the library and read story books on individual basis and in groups with the librarian. The also played some exciting games. One of such games was the ‘Yesse’ game.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua community library, library patronage was very encouraging during the month. Since the inauguration of the renovated library, patrons from Kunkua Primary and JHS, Anafobiisi Primary and JHS and some Senior High School students from the Gowrie community who were on vacation were the most users of the library. Patrons read story books on their own and also in group with the librarian, their notes taken from school and played some interesting games.

In conclusion, all the three community libraries witnessed some interesting and encouraging activities in July, we are optimistic of a more interesting happenings in August.