FAVL Ghana July statistics

Paul Ayuretoliya writes from Ghana: This is a brief summary of CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians’ report for July 2021. The respective three librarians report that attendance for July was very encouraging with a significant increase in the number of users recorded in this month. The Sumbrungu community library librarian reported that the library recorded a high number of patrons in both the day and evening. The librarian captured in his report the inauguration of the additional reading room at the Sumbrungu community library on the 23rd of July. Sherigu’s community librarian also reported that patronage was very good for the month of July. Some the library’s activities for the month according to her were group reading, the Yesse game, cleanup exercises and sewing of books. The Gowrie-Kunkua community library librarian reported of an impressive patronage to the library for July. The major problem the library now faces is the ceiling of the library and the electricity works yet to done. The librarians in conclusion expressed their appreciations on behalf of their community and library’s users to CESRUD, FAVL and all who supports reading in rural communities around the world.

July statistics of patronage to the respective libraries were as follows;