Updates from Ghana libraries July 2021

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is an update of happenings from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana for the second week of July.Attendance to the three respective community libraries continuous to be very encouraging. More pupils and students are patronizing the respective libraries to also read for themselves. We encouraged patrons who visit the libraries to always share with their mates in school and friends whatever book they read and what they like about the book.
For instance, at Sumbrungu Community library, a patron by the name Ana’amyire Cletus read the story of the Baobab Tree of Salaga and was very touched by the story. He returned to school and shared the story of the Baobab Tree of Salaga to his class mates, they were are ears listening to him. The next day some of his mates were in the library asking for the book to also read. We called this exercise in our libraries ‘Read and Share’.
On 5th July to 9th July CESRUD received a three member team from Biblionef Ghana. They came ]to conduct evaluation exercises to ascertain the impact of the school libraries they supported CESRUD with. Biblionef Ghana intervention was to support CESRUD in addressing the problem of poor reading habits among less privileged children in Ghana. The support was to also offer an opportunity for pupils and students who were far away from the community libraries to also have books to read just as those of their friends who are close to the community libraries. It will be recalled that Biblionef Ghana and Rotary Club started this support with CESRUD in the year 2017. From the Team’s assessment, about 65% of all the pupils selected were able to read and comprehend whatever they read and were able to answer questions well. They congratulated all head teachers and library teachers for the good work done and encouraged them to do more in encouraging and supporting the weak readers in class to improve. The Executive Director of CESRUD on behalf of the teachers and CESRUD among other things thanked Biblionef Ghana and Rotary Club for their support and the visit for the evaluation exercise. He admonished all teachers to take good care of their school libraries and ensure that the children make maximum use of the libraries.
On the extension of the Sumbrungu Community Library, work is about 90% (don’t know if my percentage is accurate) complete, the tiling of the floor and interior painting works including the ceiling has been completed, the remaining work is the fixings of lights and fans, Louvre carriers and the blades and exterior painting. Inside the hall is looking very beautiful, the painting is very good. Mr. Rex hinted that when all works are done, we will officially inaugurate it.