Windows and painting at Gowrie-Kunkua

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a brief update and a request for funds to carry out windows and painting works at the Gowrie-Kunkua community library. The flooring works at the Gowrie-Kunkua community library are currently ongoing, windows and painting works are expected to  follow soon. I’m hoping by the close of this month the library should be open for usage. A good number of Senior Students from the community are home for vacation and they don’t have any conducive place to read or learn as the library work is still ongoing. I just returned from a visit to the library today, I went with some carpenters, who are currently working on some of the windows. I will be there tomorrow with some Masons to finish up some other works. The ceiling works of the library would be the second part of work to be done but I’m sure this may take some time before they are completed.