Supporting Jordan Nu library in Ghana

Jordan Nu library is a wonderful community library started and maintained by the generosity of Marilyn Deer. She connected with FAVL some years ago, and FAVL library coordinators (first Lucas Aligire and now Paul Ayutoliya) have occasionally visited the library and purchased Ghanaian-authored books in Accra to support the extensive library collection. Marilyn has over the years done a tremendous job working with local community leaders to keep the library connected and operating (see below a snapshot of her messaging to a Peace Corps volunteer who was living near Jordan Nu).

Because of COVID19, Paul has been unable to visit in 2020, but here is his most recent update to Marilyn:

I will be in constant touch with Yordan Nu to ensure that the library resumes active operation soon. The secretary assured me that on next Monday (August 31st, 2020) the library should ready and open to the public. I understand the librarian, Miss Mercy was always there taking care of the library. Even during the lockdown and banning of public gathering, Mercy used to go and clean up the library. So from Monday, she will be there (that’s according to the secretary) to open the library. This week was for the necessary cleaning, dusting and spraying of the library.The COVID 19 protocol would be observe. I will be monitoring happenings in the library via phone on next Monday. I will update you with any news.