Brief update from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries

From Paul Ayutoliya:

Patronage to the three community libraries for last week was quite encouraging. Statistics of attendance recorded showed a slight reduction in the number of patrons. Nonetheless, patrons who visited the libraries read different kinds of story books and played games.

The government of Ghana last week through the Minister of health made an announcement of two confirmed cases of the COVID 19 in the country…… Since then there appears to be a general fear and panic across the length and breadth of Ghana. Everything since then seems to be slowing down as people are very careful and cautious not to do anything that may get them infected. Information on who these two people might have come in contact with were very scanty causing the fear and panic to soar up. Just this evening, the president of Ghana addressed the nation again (his second time since the outbreak) suspending all gatherings such as public and private schools senior high and basic schools, churches, mosques, workshops, funerals among others till further notice in wake to deal with the Corona virus after four cases were confirmed today bringing the total number of confirmed cases to six.  Information on contact tracing and others as I said earlier appears to be scanty.