Reading with cloth weavers and dressmakers in Sumbrungu, Ghana

CESRUD-FAVL library coordinator Paul Ayutoliya spent some time reading with  cloth weavers and dressmakers in Sumbrungu. He first visited the God’s Will weaving center where he met with Madam Abaa Nancy and her nine (9) other apprentices. He read the story of the Reward of Labour by Mba Azouye with them. The story was about the three good friends; Ant, Bee and Grasshopper. Who used to share and did everything in common but grasshopper was lazy and were cheating his friends. Due to grasshopper lazy nature, his friends also resolved not to share their farm produce with him again when they harvest. Eventually grasshopper run out of food and died afterwards.

The apprentices were able to answer the questions after the reading and also added some moral lessons learnt from the story. Some moral lessons from them includes;
1. Laziness brings poverty.
2. Procastination is not good. Grasshopper was telling his friends there is still enough time before the planting will come but before he realized, the planting season was over.
3. Hard work brings prosperity.
4. Planning ahead of time saves one from unnecessary pressures.

They also visited the Praise and Glory be to God Fashion Shop and read the same story with Madam Janet and her apprentices. The apprentices share almost similar moral lessons after we were done.  Madam Janet added that the story is also a good advice to everyone in terms of who you chooses as your friend. Some friends are hardworking and others are lazy. So in choosing a friend, one should have this at the back of his/her mind and choose the right friend.