Reports from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians for January 2020

From Paul Ayuretoliya:

Per the librarians account, January 2020 began on a very good note with good patronages to the respective community libraries. The first week of resuming work from the festive celebration, was mostly used for major cleanup exercises to keep the libraries and its surroundings cleaned. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, attendance was very good. This was as a result of the reopening of the basic schools and some students who were preparing towards their ‘West African Certificate Examination’ among others. At Sherigu Community Library, the story is almost the same. The librarian during the month read a novel titled “The Red Heifer” by Peggy Oppong. She said, the story is an interesting and impacting to any reader that had the privilege to read it. The novel according to her talks about how Nathan and Keilah’s wonderful marriage ends when he [Nathan] loses his well paid job and a whole lot of others things. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Library, the story of patronage and libraries activities are also almost the same. The librarian and the entire community were very happy and thankful for the renovations works that took place in the library. They expressed their sincere appreciations and thanks to FAVL for the tremendous support given to their library.

Ghana stats Jan 2020