Kitengesa Community Library health camp for teenagers #Uganda

The Kitengesa Community Library has held a health camp for teenagers almost every year now since 2014. The camp focuses on nutrition and on prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS; and in the present one we are also introducing a session on cancer. The students, who are just beginning Senior Two, are 13-14 years old, an age when they really need to know about these matters. Many of them will continue to work with the librarians after the camp as members of the Youth Leadership Group, working to spread the word about what they’ve learned and to cultivate nutritious food crops themselves.

The 2020 Youth Health Camp is taking place in the library right now, and Ssebuuma Muhammad one of the librarians, has just sent this set of pictures. FAVL director Kate Parry expectd to visit the library this coming Thursday and Friday to take part in the last day of activities and in the closing ceremony.