BMP mobile library operational again in Houndé, #Burkina

FAVL friends: We need your support for this project for the coming year. You can donate at our project page on GlobalGiving. We’d like to make it a success. The mayor of Houndé is very committed to development and public services. The mayor will likely support more mobile libraries if this pilot goes well. A generous donor funded the initial book collection and purchase of the mobile library. But there are operating costs. Look at these kids: for many this is the first time they are reading children’s books. Every school has hundreds of kids. The books are going to get ripped, dirty, mashed up. Some will be lost: what 9 year old didn’t accidentally take a book home and then not bring it back? (Hint: Me. Hint: I still feel guilty.) So we will need to renew the book stock, pay the librarian/animateur salary (roughly $200 per month), maintain the motorbike, and other small costs. Thanks for your support!