Attendance at the three community libraries in Ghana for October 2019

Activities that characterized the month as usual were individual reading, group reading of different story books, indoor games, storytelling, quiz competitions. From the Sumbrungu Community Library, the librarian reports that attendance for both day and night sessions were good. Some the activities that contributed to the good patronage includes; reading competitions in the library, group readings, riddles, games, videos shows among others. He was particularly happy about the increase number of patrons visiting the library during the night. From the Sherigu Community library, the librarian reports that patronage were good for the month, the attendance though very low due to the Catholic Month of devotions, the few that came made good use of use of the library. From Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian reports of good patronage during the month. There were a number of reading activities, games among others.

October 2019 stats Ghana