A reader summarizes a book she read, in one of the libraries in Upper East, Ghana

Paul Ayutoliya, FAVL-CESRUD library coordinator, writes:

A patron by name Rebecca shared with me one of the story books titled ‘It’s Not Fair’ by Emerald Kportufe and Mercy Kwafoa that she read.

IMG_20191015_110200_0-1Barikisu Banda was an intelligent girl in her class, but was not performing as she should because she was the only girl doing all the chores in the family. She has two other brothers (Isa and Tajudeen) who would not help do any house chores. Barikisu asked the parents to let her other two brother’s help in the house chores but the parents will not granted her this request saying that one day she will be a home keeper. The little girl after some time one day asked the parents ‘It’s is Fair’ that I have two brothers yet I am the only one doing all the house chores? One day her teacher Mr. Menka asked the class to write an essay on what they do at home. Barikisu writing the essay took her time and wrote the whole story of what she does at home. She wrote about the sweeping, the grinding, the pounding, the washing, the cooking, and the fetching of water all alone. The teacher called and asked her if all what she wrote was true and she answered yes. Mr. Menka after further inquiries met with Barikisu parents and explained to them that their daughter is a clever girl in school and she could perform better if she was allowed some more time to learn. The parents after listening to the teacher thanked him for his visit and all that he has told them. Mr. and Mrs. Bansah then decided their two sons should share the house chores with Barikisu, they were not happy and try to complain but their father order that they should share in the house chores. Barikisu was beaming with smiles because she could now have more time to learn. They was an essay competitions in their school, Barikisu was part of the contestant and won that competition to the joy of the parents, brothers and everyone.

Rebecca said house chores should not be only for girls but boys should also get involved.