Ghana libraries update

The three librarians of Upper East and the CESRUD library coordinator had a meeting on Friday the 28th of June 2019.  Here is Paul Ayutoliya’s report:

I briefed the librarians on my trip to Accra, the new books purchased for the respective libraries, CESRUD efforts to get the government involved in the management and running of the libraries among others. The new books were distributed to the respective three librarians in the process of the meeting. Sherigu Library received 56 books, Gowrie Library received 34 and Sumbrungu Community Library received 45 books. The respective librarians were happy for the new stock of books and expressed their appreciations to the donors for the support. I instructed librarians to ensure the safety (against theft or damages) and that every single book received should be entered in their inventory books, given a unique number and stamped with the library’s stamp before they are put on the shelves for public patronage. I followed up on librarians during this week to ensure that these directives were complied with.

On the government involvement, I explained to librarians that for sustainability purposes we are working to get the government through the Ghana Library Authority to come on board and get involved in the management and running of the three community libraries. CESRUD/FAVL wrote to GhLA and they have responded positively. They have written an MoU which CESRUD/FAVL Ghana have had a look at it and agreed to. CESRUD/FAVL Ghana have since signed it’s portion and the sent the MoU to the Municipal Assembly for Municipal Chief Executive to continues the rest of the process. And so in due course, I will update all on the progress so far.

The Coordinator tasked everyone to start reading as many books as possible as we start preparing toward our vacation classes which normally comes off in August every year. The librarians said there were no major issues. All the days and weeks were loaded with reading activities, games, cleanup exercise among other which were usually well patronized by library patrons. To conclude, our community libraries are on course and functioning well.