April 2019 Report #Ghana

PaulIMG_20190426_110550 Ayuretoliya  writes: This is a brief report from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries for April 2019. Patronage to all the respective three community libraries was good and encouraging, especially during the first and second weeks. Patrons and students during these weeks were revising their notes to write their end of term exams before the Easter break. Other patrons read story books in their respective libraries. As a result of the Easter holidays, the last two weeks of the month saw a steady low attendance to the libraries. However, there were a few committed patrons who visited the libraries regularly throughout the month, which was encouraging. Despite the business of the Easter festivities, the Coordinator and the librarians led a few group readings. Group reading sessions are fun, and the patrons like them. Games and movie shows were part of the activities that characterized the month of April. Additionally, the libraries at Sumbrungu and Sherigu solved the problem of darkness caused by frequent power outages. We greatly appreciate the two rechargeable lamps that were bought and given to these libraries, because now patrons can read during the night sessions whenever the power goes out. In conclusion, CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries are functioning well. On behalf of CESRUD/FAVL Ghana Community Libraries, I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and all the donors supporting our community libraries. Your efforts and support are putting smiles daily in the faces of the African children.