Meeting with the deputy and mayor of Houndé #Burkina

On May 8, 2019, we had a meeting with the honorable deputy and mayor of Tuy regarding the project of the community library in the village of Koho. This project started around 8 months ago, and we congratulated ourselves for the achievements already achieved: the DDTsite visit, the stakeholders’ meetings, meetings with the people of resource of the village (directors of high schools and colleges, the CVD, women’s groups …), the elaboration of a budget, and a partnership agreement. As we considered our next steps, we agreed in a shorter time to sign the agreement and quickly proceed to the recruitment of the manager, the making and delivery of the furniture, the purchase of the books, the training and the official opening of the library. The mayor additionally said he was very open to exchange with his colleagues regarding the promotion of reading through the opening and support of libraries, because he hopes to bring the people of Tuy to awakening through reading.