Mobile library continues to visit schools in the town of Kaya three times a week #lwili

Here is a translation of the short report by Ouédraogo Bernard, the BMP operator (and also librarian of Pissila), for his recent outing:

Activity report of the mobile library of 27 March 2019 at the communal school C. On March 27, 2019, the BMP was at the Communal school C at 9:20 am. About thirty students participated in the activities of the day. Among the activities carried out was individual reading which always the flagship activity because the principal objective of the mobile library is to give had time to read the book that pleased him or herself. We then read together Fatou Keita’s Le boubou du Père Noël. In addition, we organized a game of hopscotch. This part also pleased children. They found this hopscotch more useful because in addition to distraction there is instruction in counting and basic arithmetic. In addition, the children were interested in the puzzles that are part of their favorite games. Overall, can say that the output went very well, and ended around noon.