Thank you African Studies Association!

IMG-1742At the last annual meetings of the African Studies Association, FAVL was awarded the Gretchen Walsh book donation award, with a check of $1,000 to support shipping books to Burkina Faso and Ghana. We mostly buy local books for the libraries that we support, but there are many excellent books available at modest cost (and sometimes free) here in the U.S. that it is worth shipping.  Just a few weeks ago, for a example, a young reader in Burkina Faso wanted volumes 2,3,4 (how many are there) f the Harry Potter series in French. She had read volume one and was dying to read the other volumes! So we shipped them over.

We are looking forward in the coming months to shipping over to Ghana some of the books of FAVL-supporter Glennette Turner, who wrote numerous children’s books on African-American history.