Summary of Children of the Street by Kwei Quartey

Paul Ayutoliya writes:

IMG_20190215_133844 smDetective Inspector Dawson affectionately referred to as ‘Dark’ by his lovely wife Christine sets out to unravel the mysteries surrounding the killings or murders of young teenagers in the city of Accra. Dawson was called to a scene where a dead body almost at decomposition state was discovered at the Korle Lagoon near Agbogbloshie market in the capital city of Ghana Accra. Agbogbloshie’s market was a hub for all sorts of crimes. He met some of his colleagues from the Ghana police service trying to bring the dead body out from the filthy stinking lagoon that was covered with waste of all kinds. It was difficult identifying the body right at the spot. Dawson working with the mortuary men and some friends from the media to establish that the victim died from a stabbing at the back and the victim was also identified as Musa Zakari after a girl friend (Akosua) came sobbing uncontrollable with her friend Regina with and also the DNA test confirmation. Detective Inspector Dawson asked the girls who they saw last with Musa Zakari before he went missing. The girlfriend responded by saying Musa was last seen with one Daramani who helped Musa carry some load to Maamobi, the mentioning of Daramani from Nima Maamobi sent some shock waves down the entire system of Dawson. Dawson had one ex-convict who was convicted over drugs (weed) issues as a friend, there’s a lot Dawson and Daramani share with each other in secret. Dawson fear was because he had an uncontrolled appetite for weed (he secretly smokes) which Daramani know of, he feared this secret could be revealed if something is not done quickly, Dawson tried reaching Daramani without success. In no time some rumour of conflict of interest comments were heard from some of Dawson colleagues at the service because he visited Daramani place without Seageant Chikata who obviously should have been part of that visit.

Sergeant Chikata who was lower in rank to Dawson in his quest to get to the top at all cost without wanting to pass through the right procedure saw him taking over the investigation with the support of his relative Superintendent Theoplilus Lartey. His investigation style was very shallow and lacks professionalism. All the praises shower on him (Chikata) from some colleagues, the newspapers and others turned otherwise when the DNA test on the knife he pick from Daramani room with blood stains turned out to be that of animals blood and not human. Chikata was confounded, sad, sorrowful and guilty of being disrespectful to his superior Dawson, he thought he knew better but no. Dawson continued with the investigations to find out who murdered Musa Zakari, before he could even get any meaningful information another dead body was reported at a constructions site. This dead body neck was broken with the head facing up and stomach facing down, there was a Street Children of Accra Refuge (SCOAR) card found on him bearing the name Ebenezer Sarpong. Dawson and his colleagues’ police force were becoming more worry of the number of murder cases being recorded. Detective Inspector Dawson was determined to unravel the mysteries of these unusual deaths.

Hosiah, Dawson’s son, had a hole in the heart condition and was a nightmare to Dawson, anytime Dawson thinks of his son and his condition that need urgent surgery which they were not able to afford the fees, Dawson always appear to be a restless man. But upon all these troubles, Dawson had not forgotten about Sly, the small boy that reported the death of Musa Zakari. Dawson had wanted to put Sly in a primary school but Gamel had absconded with Sly and nobody know their where about. Dawson continued the search as more crimes continued on the rise; one prostitute by name Comfort was raped, killed and dump at a refuse trash near the railway line, Dawson became more worried and wondered if the killings were for ritual purposes or a serial killer was on the loose or… what he could not tell. Dawson and Sergeant Chikata made a headway in their investigation as some of the prime suspects were arrested. Tedamm one of the notorious boy known for his cruelty was arrested with Flash a counterpart in connections with the murders, fighting and other bad related matters. Antwi and Ofuso were also questioned about what they know concerning Tedamm and Comforts death.

What a great novel it is, I am left with the third part which is the concluding part, I will let you know how this novel ends and my thoughts.