Update report on happenings in CESRUD/FAVL community libraries in Ghana for the month of December

The month began well with records of continual good libraries usage in the three respective communities libraries. Attendance to the libraries has increased significantly since the beginning of the month. The reason for the significant increases in libraries attendance are as follows:

1. Organization of group readings in the respective libraries led by the Library’s Coordinator and the respective librarians in the first and second weeks.
2. Visit to nearby schools by the Coordinator and the respective librarians talking to students /pupils on the importance of visiting the libraries to read or learn.
3. Students /pupils preparations towards their End of First Term Exams.
4. Games and videos shows.
5. Riddles and story telling.
6. The replacement of new fans, louvres blades, curtains and other works making the libraries (the Sherigu Library in particular) a more conducive place for reading.

The night sessions libraries attendance is equally very encouraging as patrons visit the libraries in their good numbers to read or learn in preparation for their exams. The Bolgatanga Polytechnic Students also maximize the usage of the Sumbrungu Community Library in particular to prepare for their exams.  In conclusion, CESRUD/FAVL Ghana’s Community libraries are operating well, I do post photos of most of the libraries activities and my tours on the libraries mission on my Facebook page. I am happy you follow almost all the posts with likes, encouraging comments and sharing some.