Update from Ghana libraries

From Paul Ayutoliya:

On Tuesday 24th July 2018, I paid a visit to the Upper East Regional Library. I was welcomed into the library by the Regional Librarian Mr. Leslie Kasanga. The purpose of my visit was to learn about recent developments and plans of the library have in place that might perhaps support Cesrud/Favl community libraries. The Regional Librarian told me the patronage of the library has been great for quite some time. The private school students who will be writing their exams come September are the most frequent users of the library. He said he has been able to get an NGO called Scholars in Our Society Africa (SOSA) to assist the Regional Library with some major renovation works like: repainting of the library, changing of the shelves and tables, and donations of books and computers. Due to this renovation works and others, there will not be any major reading activities during the vacation period in the library. He assured me he would pay a visit to our community libraries during the vacations classes period and also try to see if he can get some of the books and computers that they will be receiving for our libraries.

He (Mr. Leslie) said he just returned recently from his promotional interview in Accra at the Ghana Library Authority. The Ghana Library Authority has a new director Mr. Hayford Siaw . Mr. Leslie recounts how active and passionate this new director is towards libraries all over the country. The new director, a government appointee has since been able to get some links again with Book Aid International which cut ties with the Ghana Library Authority as a result of some misunderstandings or so in the previous years. The Book Aid International Chief Executive is currently in Ghana to tour some libraries and assess their needs.

And so Prof. it was a good visit and I hope that when they finally receive the donations of books and computers, they will not forget of us. I will be in touch with Mr. Leslie for updates.

Bolga regional library.jpg