Making photo books for readers in #Burkina Faso

FAVL has produced about 130 photo books for the libraries we support in Burkina Faso. These are all books about local subjects, with photos taken in the villages, and text written in collaboration with village people. Over the past two years, the FAVL staff, especially Dounko Sanou, have made about 50 books.  Every visitor to FAVL libraries notices that kids really like these books and are usually reading them.

readig photo books in classroom

For the staff, a high point is when they meet one of the people featured in a book, and share their experiences.  Yaaba de Silmidougou is one of our favorite books, about a (quite!) elderly woman who continues to lead a full life with friends and family.  Very inspiring. Promoting reading sometimes can be very rewarding!

yaaba with book