Summary of librarians’ reports for April 2018

From Paul Ayutoliya:

This is a brief summary of Cesrud/Favl Librarians reports for the month of April 2018.
Patronage of the three Cesrud/Favl Ghana libraries have been quite good and encouraging during April. The library’s users who comprised of basic pupils, students of second cycle institution and tertiary students patronized the respective libraries very well in preparations of their examinations they wrote before breaking for vacations.

The major activities that took place across all the three libraries were; individual reading and / or learning story books, notes taking from school, text books and pamphlets, group reading of story books in the libraries with their respective librarians and coordinator some times, fun activities such as playing different kinds of games, games of words spellings, quiz competitions, general cleanup of the library’s and it’s premises. All these activities and others motivated the library users mostly of the basic pupils to keep coming to the library at all time (both daily and night sessions).

The respective libraries librarians over the month also read a number of novels and other story books; the Sumbrungu librarian read a book titled the Unwilling Umpire by Ron Roy, Flying by Lesley Sims and others. The Sherigu librarians read a novel entitled Sons of the Skroll, about a boy called Allan who won many medals as a result of his jumping skills. Alan’s father was a good counselor who have counsel many people but surprisingly he had divorced the wife, Alan suspected the grandmother might have had her hand in his parents’ divorce. There was a mystery of an old farmhouse left near his grandmother place and a lot of tales about the house…. The Gowrie-Kunkua librarian also read a book titled Plants Bite Back by Richard Platts and others books.

During the month some parents and library committee members visited the respective libraries to see how the libraries were functioning and to also encourage library users to keep patronizing the libraries to read more story books and have fun. The library coordinator also visited the respective libraries for monitoring and supervisions.

The problems from the three libraries include; the non-functioning fans (three fans) at the Sherigu library and the need for fans (at least three fans) at the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, then again a request from all the librarians for text books, pamphlets and some religious books.

The table below is a summary of the statistics of patronage for both daily and night sessions for April 2018.

table users april 2018
From the statistics table, it is clear the Sumbrungu Community Library have the highest record of attendance followed by Sherigu library coming second for daily attendance but third for the night sessions and vice versa with the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library. The upgrade of the Sumbrungu library with all the fans working and a lot of games for fun accounts for the highest record of patronages. I’m hopeful that if the fans issues are address at Sherigu and Gowrie community library, their patronage will also improve.

The librarians express their appreciation for the books I came with from Burkina Faso which have been shared with the respective libraries. They thanked Cesrud/Favl for the continual support to their respective community libraries.


Biblionef Ghana provides Sumbrungu Community Library with new material #Ghana

Biblionef Ghana provided last week, to Sumbrungu Community Library, an amazing amount of material: 1250 books, 4 laptops computers, 3 tablets, 1 flat screen led TV, 1 DVD player, 54 plastic chairs for nursery and lower primary pupils, 10 plastic tables, 2 tables for the laptops, 2 kinder boxes, 2 shelves, 1 printer, 3 carpet mats and pillows  for those would like to sit or lie down whiles reading, 4 plastic basket that serve also as shelves, and 5 or so different games.

After a review meeting with the school teachers at the Women’s Meeting Hall on the donations, the teachers were asked to go and have a look at the work that has been done in the Sumbrungu Library. The teachers were impressed with what they saw and assured everyone that they would work closely with CESRUD-FAVL by encouraging  their pupils to visit the library. The Executive director of CESRUD Mr. Rex Asanga thanked Biblionef Ghana’s team and Madam Wia from the Netherlands for the support given to the library  and hoped they will continue to collaborate to give everyone the joy of reading.

Pupils of St.Charles Lwanga were very happy seeing the library with more books and learning materials. At one point we had to stop some pupils from entering the library because the room was getting crowded; they all wanted to catch a glimpse of the inside!

Biblionef donates books, furniture, computers and support to Sumbrungu Community Library in Upper East, Ghana

biblionef books for sumbrungu library smA team (Mrs Patricia Arthur and Anita with Mr. Isaac joining  them the following day) from Biblionef Ghana arrived in Bolgatanga on 8 March 2018. Madam Wia from the Netherlands is expected to join them on the 13th, After taking some rest at the Commi Ci Commi Ca hotel in Bolga town for few hours, they came straight to the Sumbrungu library.  They have sent the library about 1,250 new books, a flat screen led TV, DVD player, 54 plastic chairs for nursery and lower primary kids, 10 plastic small tables, four  laptop computers and three Samsung tablets. Incredible! John Salifu Cesrud education project coordinator was very helpful in coordinating all the material delivery and distribution.

Visit to the Upper East Regional library

Paul Ayutoliya, FAVL CESRUD Ghana coordinator, reports:
IMG_20180208_135848I paid a visit to the Upper East Regional library today. The visit was for me to find out the current state of the regional library in terms of the library  performance and  to also update the regional librarian Mr. Leslie Kasanga on happenings at the Ghana libraries.  Mr. Kasanga welcomed me to the library and was happy for the visit and said attendance to the regional library has lately been very encouraging. The problems still remains Government inability to provide the library with enough  funds for their activities and  fuel to fuel the library van to go to Accra and bring the books that have been allocated to the regional library. He touched on a number of outreach programs he has planned to carry out which will benefit the library users but unable to do so due to lack of funding.  I briefed Mr.  Kasanga on recent happenings in our libraries; patronage has been good, activities so far have been good.  I touched also on CESRUD partnering with Biblionef Ghana in providing books for 20 basic Schools in West B circuit all in Sumbrungu. Mr. Kasanga was happy that CESRUD have been able to help in expanding the community libraries to the basic schools. I hinted we are likely  to invite him to our libraries during this year vacation classes periods to observe what we normally do and perhaps add his input. He said he will be ready to honour such invitation.

Repairs at Sumbrungu Community Library #Ghana

Last October 2017 the electric connections and fans were repaired in the library.  I think I forgot to post some pictures of the repair work, so here they are!

And here are some nice letters of appreciation from library patrons. Thank you donors!

lettters patrons