Tour of toured the three CESRUD/FAVL Ghana community libraries

Paul Ayutoliya writes:
On Dec. 15, I toured the three CESRUD/FAVL Ghana Community Libraries with Upper East Regional Librarian, the tour was for the Regional Librarian to carry out an assessment of the libraries. We also visited the Vea Community Library in the Bongo District for the same assessment purposes.


CESRUD/FAVL Ghana’s community libraries resume work for 2019

CESRUD/FAVL Ghana’s community libraries resumed work yesterday, the 7th of January 2019. The day was use for a general cleanup of all the three community libraries and the surroundings. We are in a dusty season in the part of our country, so the whole day was use for the cleanup exercise, dusting of tables and chairs, books and games, removing cobwebs and others to make the libraries neat and conducive for users to be able to come and read the following day. It was lot of work but together with few regular library patrons assisting the librarians, all the libraries were cleaned.  Today, the 8th of January all the three community libraries were open to users. As usual, most of the patrons are still in the festive mood with their families, so the attendance for today is very low in all the libraries. But as the days go by and basic pupils resume school on the 15th, attendance will increase. This year 2019, we are hopeful that is going to be a year of reading for everyone.


Update report on happenings in CESRUD/FAVL community libraries in Ghana for the month of December

The month began well with records of continual good libraries usage in the three respective communities libraries. Attendance to the libraries has increased significantly since the beginning of the month. The reason for the significant increases in libraries attendance are as follows:

1. Organization of group readings in the respective libraries led by the Library’s Coordinator and the respective librarians in the first and second weeks.
2. Visit to nearby schools by the Coordinator and the respective librarians talking to students /pupils on the importance of visiting the libraries to read or learn.
3. Students /pupils preparations towards their End of First Term Exams.
4. Games and videos shows.
5. Riddles and story telling.
6. The replacement of new fans, louvres blades, curtains and other works making the libraries (the Sherigu Library in particular) a more conducive place for reading.

The night sessions libraries attendance is equally very encouraging as patrons visit the libraries in their good numbers to read or learn in preparation for their exams. The Bolgatanga Polytechnic Students also maximize the usage of the Sumbrungu Community Library in particular to prepare for their exams.  In conclusion, CESRUD/FAVL Ghana’s Community libraries are operating well, I do post photos of most of the libraries activities and my tours on the libraries mission on my Facebook page. I am happy you follow almost all the posts with likes, encouraging comments and sharing some.

Repairing fans and windows Sherigu library, Ghana

The issue of non functioning fans at the Sherigu library was worked on yesterday Dec 10. Three new fans (AL-RAS fans) were fixed replacing the old ones. Ten louvre blades were fixed with other carpentering works. The librarian, Miss Cecilia Adombila, the library committee, some teachers of the St. Peter and Paul Academy School who were around with some of their pupils who witnessed every single work at the end were very happy and appreciative to FAVL/CESRUD for coming to their aid. The patrons were more particularly happy saying they can now concentrate when learning or reading, no more sweating or suffering from heat when in the library. Together with the librarian, the committee members, the library users we are grateful and thankful to FAVL team for this support.

End of November 2018 librarian meeting, Ghana

This is a report about the end of the month of November meeting held at the Sumbrungu Library on 1st December 2018. The Coordinator who chairs the meeting welcomed everyone to the meeting. The agenda of the meeting centered on the performance of the respective Community Libraries up to date, what have been done well and what need to improve. Each librarian wasgiven the opportunity to say a word on happenings in their respective library for the past months. The Sumbrungu Librarian, Mr. Timothy Apenoore mentioned a number of reading programs, games and visitors received in the library. He said patrons were getting more used to reading than before. He mentioned of a number of books read some of which are: The Lucky One, The Magic Goat, Kente for a King, Do not Keep Quiet, The Cat and Dog Series and many more. He also mentioned the different kind of games and video shows which the children like In his own words, library performance have been good save to say the users’ requests for more subject books and computers. The Sherigu librarian, Miss Cecilia Adombila talked about reading activities that she held for the month of November. Attendance to the library had been good in her words also. She also touched books she read during the month and the mending or repaired of some books. The challenge or problem in the library according to her is the non functioning of all the three fans, six broken louvre blades which cause a lot of dust to books, tables and chairs. She appealed for support to fix such problems. The Gowrie-Kunkua Library also said their library performance had been good. The reading programs such as quiz competition, group reading, individual reading, story telling, games and visits to the library by some parents kept the library patrons visiting always. He ended by also mentioning again that they need fans in the library.

Commenting on all that was said, the chair thanked them for the good work and asked that they continue to discharge their duties well. As librarians the chair told them; we also have a duty to look around and see those people who can help in one way or the other and approach them either through letters or personal contact, we can write to the Assembly men, NGOs and other bodies that can offer any support to promote reading. The chair assured them that their concerns however would be forwarded. We had not meet for quite some time which was a short coming the chair admitted, we will henceforth hold all our end of month meetings. The librarians read their reports loud to the hearing of all, a number of correction were made. A careful look at their reports sent will show this. The chair took the opportunity and introduced the newly appointed Sherigu Librarian to other librarians. She also got to know the other librarians of the other community libraries. They promised to work hand in hand in promoting reading at their respective communities.

end Nov librarian meeting

Reading at the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library in Ghana

From Paul Ayuretoliya:

I paid a visit today (December 4) to the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library. Patrons who came from the Kunkua primary and Junior High School read with me and the librarian the story of the Crocodile Bread, Teen Princess, and All about Ama. Some parents were also at the library to read with us. I took the opportunity to talk to the pupils/students the need to always make time and attend the library to read books. The pupils were happy to be part of today’s daily sessions at the library. They requested for more subject books some of which includes Science, I.C.T, and Basic Design Technology. We had good time reading together.

reading at gowriekunkua sm

November update from Ghana libraries

This is a summary of the librarians report for November 2018. Library’s attendance during November per the librarian’s reports has been very good and encouraging. Overall 4,277 visits were recorded to the three libraries in November.

At the Sumbrungu Library, reading and /or learning activities have been good both daily and night sessions. Group reading and discussions of story books, time to share with games were the dominant activities. The newly AMO games that were brought by Biblionef Ghana and Biblionef International brought more joy and fun to the library users. Some of the double track system students who are currently on vacations and the regular patrons are making good use of the respective libraries especially during the evening sessions; they visit the libraries to read their notes, story books and share ideas. The daily session is mostly dominated by basic pupils.

At the Sherigu library for the month, the new librarian reports that patronage has been very encouraging with lots of reading activities, she also touch on something I met her doing during one of my usual visits which is worthy of commendation, she bought treads and sewed most the books that their pages were removing, it was such a great work by Miss Cecilia right after her official assumption of duty and then also her efforts in retrieving two missing books from the library. She touched on some story books read by her some of which includes; The Teen Princess, Shoeshine Girl, the Regret of the Drunkard among others during the month. The major problem in the library is still the non-functioning of fans.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, lots of reading activities with games and cleanup exercises were the activities of the month. Major problem is still the need for fans in the library.

what is work sm

New librarian for Sherigu community library in Ghana

From Paul Ayutoliya:

Last October the CESRUD team held interviews for applicants for the librarianship position at the Sherigu Community Library. Myself and Cesrud project coordinator Mr. Johnson Agolmah and one of the Sherigu library committee member Mr. Amoah Francis who doubles as the assembly man for the area were the interview panel. Applicants were taken through a series of questions related to the library, the community, and some current affairs issues in the country.

At the end of the interviews, the panelists all settled on Miss Cecilia Adombila Akansige, a senior high school leaver who performed very well. She was eloquent, confident, and appeared to like reading. The panelists were convinced she will be able to do the job well. Effective 1st November, Mr. Zacchaeus, who is leaving to pursue his studies, will hand over the management of the library to the new librarian Miss Cecilia. She is expected to learn alongside with Mr. Zacchaeus on some basics things of how the library works. So we have getting a new librarian for the Sherigu Community Library and effective 1st November 2018, she will be starting work officially. First of its kind in the library history having a lady as the librarian!


Donation of Amo games by Bibloinef Ghana to libraries and schools in Ghana

Hello Madam Feikje Geertsmas,  I bring you warmest greetings from Sumbrungu in Bolgatanga of the Upper East Region of Ghana. On behalf of Cesrud/Favl (the Sumbrungu Community Library) Ghana I want to once again express our sincere appreciation to you for the donation of the Amo games to the Sumbrungu community library and some schools under Cesrud. We are grateful for the kind gesture, the Amo games will be put to good and we are sure library users especially the little children will learn alot from playing the games. On 14th November, I trained five schools libraries teachers on the usage of the Amo games after which I presented to each of the five teachers a set of the Amo games for their respective schools. I will be updating you on progress of the usage of the Amo games.  Thank you. Paul Ayutoliya.

AYA Afrika foundation Prof. Nene Kwasi Kafele visits the Sumbrungu Community Library

CESRUD library coordinator Paul Ayutoliya writes:

On 31st October 2018, the director of AYA Afrika foundation Prof. Nene Kwasi Kafele with three others paid a visit to the Sumbrungu Community Library. Their visit was to interact with those students/pupils they supported Cesrud with funds to organize a one month after school reading program early last year (2017), the impact of the reading program. They were impressed from their interactions with the pupils, the way the pupils answered questions and asked questions. The director Prof. Nene in a jovial way described one table as the “hot” table because there were always questions and answers coming from that particular table all the time and every moment. Prof. Nene asked the pupils what they would like to become inthe future? Some said doctors so that they can save lives, some teachers, some engineers, some pilots, Prof. encouraged them and admonished the pupils to erase the mentality of “this subject is difficult” and study hard and they would  make it. He further advised pupils to always seek information that will help them realize their dreams in future.  Madam Carolann Wright, director of Business &Labour Development, African Nova Scotia presented two books title; Africaville by Shauntay Grant and Basket of Black Nova Scotia by Joleen Gordon to the Sumbrungu Community library. I thanked them on behalf of Cesrud/FAVL and the pupils for their visit and donations of the books before their departure.