December 2020 statistics Ghana libraries

The librarians all report that December started and ended well with lots of interesting libraries activities. Patronage to the libraries for the month was very encouraging. Basic pupils during the month maximized the usage of the respective libraries in preparation for their end of term exams. But overall attendance numbers for the respective libraries were reduced as compared to the previous month. The 7th December 2020, general elections, the Christmas festivities and the New Year mood played a significant role in the reduced numbers recorded. The librarians all concluded their reports by extending their sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire FAVL team, CESRUD Executive Director, the libraries Coordinator and their cherished library users. They wished us all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Statistics of patronage for November 2020 Ghana libraries

CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians all report that November began and ended well with lots of interesting libraries activities. The number of patrons visiting the respective community libraries has significantly increased as the negative impact of the COVID 19 pandemic appears to be at minimum. The Sumbrungu Community Librarian reports that patronages to the library were very great especially during the night periods.  Library activities during the month include story reading, spellings of words, group reading among others. The Sherigu Community Librarian reports also of good patronage to the library for the month, especially the day time sessions.  Activities that took place in the library include individual reading, cleanup exercise and others. From the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Librarian, November attendance for was good with interesting reading activities. The respective librarians extended their sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire FAVL team. They also thanked the leadership of CESRUD and other donor bodies that who support reading activities.

Workshop organized by BIBLIONEF Ghana in collaboration with Rotary Club in Ghana libraries

From Paul Ayutoliya:

This is brief report on a a four days workshop organized by BIBLIONEF Ghana in collaboration with Rotary Club. BIBLIONEF Ghana had over few years back collaborated with CESRUD/FAVL in promoting the culture of reading. They did this by supporting over 20 Basics schools in Bolgatanga West B’ and North with mini school libraries. They had also supported the Sumbrungu community library with more library books among others.

To ensure the effective use of the school libraries and the materials provided to Children, BIBLIONEF Ghana organized a four day workshop on Library Management and Reading Promotion for Basic Schools Library teachers on Library Management and Reading Promotion, forty (40) teachers from 20 basic schools participated in the workshop training including all librarians of the Sumbrungu Community Library. The workshop training took place at the Teachers Resource Center which is not too far from the community library. Due to the social distancing protocol and other measures the workshop were divided in two batches with 20 teachers each batch for two days.

The executive director of CESRUD Mr. Rex was present the first day, he welcomed all to the workshop and admonished teachers to ensure that all what they will be learning during the workshop training period would be put to practice when they return to the various schools resumes. He also welcomed Ms. Patricia Arthur, the director of BIBLIONEF Ghana and her team for coming to engaged the teachers on libraries related matters.

The workshop training centered on how the school libraries could be properly manage to facilitate good reading practice by all Children and their teachers. Teachers were taking through first, what a library was (it was surprising that some teachers could not properly defined what a library is), rules that should governs the libraries and some benefits of a reading. Reading has so many benefits, and therefore when teachers are able to get children to read at all time, they will benefit a lot not only the children but also the teachers and all those would read, some benefits of reading enumerate during the workshop includes;Participants were also taken through cataloguing and accessioning of books, book cards, book pockets among others. How to charged and discharged a book when the book is borrowed out.

All the above and others normally were for the first day for each batch. On the second day, library teachers were tasked to work in a group of two and come up with a project they think when they put in place it will get children to read. And the groups were to come up with the project.

I would say it was a good move by BIBLIONEF Ghana, a lot were learnt and I am sure when all is put to practice, children in few years to come would be better readers and would be able to do critical analysis of their reading. Not only children but teacher and young adults. I will want seize this opportunity on behalf of the executive director of CESRUD/FAVL Ghana Mr. Rex, and Country Director for FAVL Africa, Prof. Michael extend my sincere thanks and appreciations to the director of BIBLIONEF Ghana Mrs. Patricia Arthur and her team for a good work done. We hope there will be more of these workshops with CESRUD as often as possible.

Ghana libraries reports for October 2020

This is a summary report of the librarians written reports with the statistics of patronage for October. The librarians all report that the month started and ended well with lots of interesting libraries activities. The decreases in the statistics of the virus in Ghana have contributed to the increased numbers of patrons that visited the libraries during the month. The Sumbrungu Librarian reports patronage to the library were very great especially during the night periods. Library activities during the month include story reading, dictation, quizzes, group reading among others. From the Sherigu Librarian, she reports of good patronage to the library for the month, library activities at the library includes individual reading, cleanup exercise, and some maintenance work.From the Gowrie-Kunkua Librarian, patronage for October was good with interesting activities. They all concluded their reports by extending their sincere thanks and appreciation to you and the entire FAVL team. They also thanked the leadership of CESRUD for all the updates their various communities have received from them.

Report for August 2020 from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries

It will be recalled the libraries were officially closed to the public on the 16th of March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of the novel corona virus. Ghana first recorded its first two cases of the novel corona virus on the 12th of March 2020, this triggered the announcement by the president banning public gathering of all sorts including, schools, libraries, churches, mosques among others. The statistics of the COVID 19 as at today stands at; total confirmed cases 44, 658, recoveries rate is 43, 478 and death rate is 276.

The libraries resumed operating in the month of August.The COVID 19 preventives measures outline by the health experts were put in place and adhere to in all the libraries, thankful in our part of the country, I mean the Upper East Region, the pandemic have not severely affected the region that much, in the president last address to the nation on the COVID 19 update, the Upper East Region among other few regions were declared free from the virus by the president. Patronage to the respective libraries for the month were quite good but not with the usual high numbers used to be recorded; this was due to the social distancing protocol among others. Most of the patrons were young adults and adult’s readers at the upper primary, junior high, senior high and tertiary students. Most the books read were texts books, notes taking from school and story books. The activities during the month were mostly individual reading and clean up exercise of the libraries and its premises. Touring the respective libraries for monitoring and supervision, most of the patrons agreed that the corona pandemic have brought a lot of changes to many things and even their way of thinking. They never imagine for once that an outbreak of a disease now known as the COVID 19 could break out in one country (China) and spread very rapidly across the globe. But be that as it may, COVID 19 has come; a lot of lives have been lost across the globe forcing public gatherings including their libraries to be closed down. It is our hope that our health experts around the world would work hard in coming out with a vaccine for the virus. In conclusion, CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries have since resumed, and libraries activities of reading is picking up well. Patrons are happy that after a long time of being in their houses, they can now once again meet at the respective libraries to read books and perhaps meet with friends and school mates again. On Gowrie-Kunkua Library, the roofing work is still ongoing and is expected to be done soon.