Librarian meeting in #Ghana

The general meeting was held at the Teachers Resources Center.  We were able to discuss on issues that will promote the growth of the community libraries. We discussed about the need to support librarians in their manner of reporting; the issues of diversity and  creativity of the library’s activities; decisions about social security fund management.

Meets with school librarians #Ghana

On 2 August 2022, the Coordinator of the community libraries (CESRUD/FAVL) met with the Library Reps of all the public schools within the circuits of Bolgatanga West B and Bolgatanga North. The goals of the meeting: To share previous activities and progress as far as the Community Library is concerned; To cement the relationship between CESRUD/FAVL (the community library of Sumbrungu) and the schools that are within the sector of their circuits; To encourage them to reactivate their interest in the reading among the pupils; To form an active School Library Reps Committee in view of school library activities. They were very happy to share with passion their interest to collaborate with the community library. They were 10 representatives present. For the formation of the committee, they suggested to have it done in the presence of their various school heads. So, they will fix the date for that meeting soon.

Visit to Sherigu Community Library in #Ghana

Benedict Akana, CESRUD library coordinator, visited  Sherigu Community Library on 27 July in the evening. There were many students present. Some parents from the community who were present noted that the library has helped their children. While at Sherigu, Akana encouraged  library committee members to talk to the various church leaders and imams to promote the library by asking their community members to support their children to make good use of the library.

Weekly update from Ghana libraries

At Sumbrungu community library the pupils of the surrounding schools made good use of the library. Also, at night time, they came in their number.

The librarian, Marinus, mentioned that the management of the Sumbrungu Business Women Association has complained about the way the pupils use the outside water tap. Even, our library users wet the entrance of yard. So, we have decided to purchase a big container and cups where we can store water for our library users in order to stop them spoil or open the tap.

At Sherigu community library, the surrounding schools also came to the library. The whole week day the library recorded a good number of Library users for both day and night.

Gowrie-kunkua community librarian recorded a good number of Library users. The librarian also was able to have the classroom group reading with pupils at the kunkua primary school. He has requested that the new shelves should be painted. Also, the surrounding of the community library is full of grown grasses. So, we will need the weedicide spray the grasses.

Brief update from CESRUD library coordinator on libraries in #Ghana

Over the week, the community libraries run their weekly activities as planned. When I got at Sherigu community library, the librarian was busy shelving books already used back in the shelves. There were some teachers and pupils seriously doing individual reading and some pupils were playing a ludu game. At Gowrie-kunkua community library the librarian was at the Kunkua primary school taking the Basic four pupils through group reading. 

At Sumbrungu community library I took the new librarian through some basic orientation of book shelving and the rule and regulations of the library. He welcomed some pupils in to the library and later took them through words spelling and pronunciations.  He was very happy to be part of our library team. He promised to be committed to his responsibilities and to offer the children basic computer skills. Once again, we wish to welcome Mr Marinus Amoah Anaba in to the community library team in Sumbrungu.

Update from Ghana libraries last week of May 2022

From Benedict Akana, CESRUD library coordinator:

At Sumbrungu community library, on Monday, I paid a visit there to do my usual supervision and monitoring. There were a good number of Library users. They came from the schools around. They were reading quietly individually. I spent time to there reading some books. At Sherigu community library, on Tuesday, I paid a visit and similar experience and reading atmosphere was witness there. There were teachers and pupils using the library. They were very happy to see me there, and likewise myself. They said if I had not visited their schools to give a sensitisation talk about the library they would not have known that it was possible for them to visit. They were given the opportunity to borrow some books. Wednesday I went to meet the president of the library committee bring to the library the metal door to the library premises at Sherigu. What is needed to do now is to fix it in place of the wooden door. And get new padlocks. The committee on behalf of the community sends their profound gratitude to FAVL.

At Gowrie-Kunkua community library, on Thursday, I visited all the schools around. I was able to discuss with the various headteachers about our activities and interest of helping all the pupils to make school use of the library. I had the opportunity to invite the pupils to visit the library. And today Saturday, the library was full. We recorded about seventy user and members of the library Club members.

Reading at Gowrite-Kunkua library

Update from Ghana CESRUD library manager

Short report from Benedict Akana, CESRUD library manager:

Over the week, the library activities went smoothly. With reopening of schools the library is always busy, especially at Sumbrungu. I visited Sumbrungu community library, Sherigu community library and Gworie-kunkua community library. The group reading, individual reading, games as well as story telling was carried out effectively by the librarians. The attendance of week was very good. Some teachers and students used the library. Moreover, I paid various school heads in the west-B circuit visit to discuss with them the necessity to participate our library activities. I also spoke to the students about the library reader’s club (LRC) and majority expressed their interest to join LRC.

Further work at Gowrie-Kunkua community library in Ghana

From Benedict Akana: Greetings from Gowrie-kunkua community. We went to the wood-work market to purchase lumber that is necessary for the work. It has been sprayed against wood-eating bugs. The professional carpenters presented us an estimated budget for the work. So, I came with a pickup to collect the materials. They will work on the following:

  • Fixing the louvers of the remaining windows.
  • Fixing the window caps against rain splashes.
  • Fixing two interior doors.
  • Make four new shelves for the library
  • Maintenance of some damaged tables and chairs.

Repainting Sherigu Community Library

From Benedict Akana:

The work in Sherigu Community Library is well done. The work took two days. That is Thursday and Friday. We decided to use light blue and deep blue color paint. And for painting the tables and chairs we used brown oil color paint.
I must tell you that the library hall is quite big. They estimated three buckets of emulsion paint for the hall but it took four buckets instead. As for the oil paint for the tables and chairs they estimated 3 containers. On behalf of the Diana Nsolebna Abane the new librarian through CESRUD says thank you. NB: the welder is also going to finish up the work of the library door.