Gowrie-Kunkua repairs close to completion

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a brief update from the Gowrie-Kunkua community library about the ongoing works. The plastering works have since been completed, the flooring works is next and then window works and painting. The progress of work very slow though, everything is gradually getting to finishing. Thank you.

Radio discussion on the impact of community libraries in Sumbrungu, Ghana

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: Today in the morning, Mr. Asanga Rex and myself was hosted at the Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU) radio located in Sumbrungu. The radio station has a wide coverage reaching almost every part of the Upper East Region. A lot people especially those from Sumbrungu and the surrounding communities listen to the this radio station regularly. We discussed with listeners among other things the existence of the three community libraries and school libraries, the roles and impact of these libraries and the need for all parents and guardians to encourage their children to visit the libraries and read. The discussion were also a form of awareness creations about the existence of these libraries, there were others prior to the discussion that did not know about the existence of these libraries. The Executive Director Mr. Asanga Rex centered his part of discussion on the broader picture of CESRUD and that of FAVL. How the three community libraries came about and other interventions by CESRUD to improve quality education and reduce poverty among others. He also touched on the extension of the libraries to 22 basic schools with books stock of over 600. He seized the opportunity to thanked Biblionef Ghana for the donations of the books that was distributed yesterday.

During the phone- in session, a good number of people called and thanked Mr. Asanga Rex for the support he have been able to give to the respective communities and schools through CESRUD/FAVL Ghana and all partners who supports with the donations of books and other learning materials to these libraries. Some of the callers wanted to know the measures put in place to prevent stealing of the books, and also when a child borrow a book and misplaced or lost the book, will that child be asked to pay for the book? I responded by explaining to those callers that every book in each of the libraries are stamp and given unique numbers that helps in the tracking of the books should any book be stolen or missing, then again the community libraries librarians are also trained on issues of this nature, they are to ensure that no bags enter the library and that users are search before leaving the libraries when need be. On the other question, when a borrow book is misplaced or lost, it will be investigated and depending on the outcome of the investigation, the child who borrow the book or the parent of that child will be asked to either pay for the book or buy same to replace the missing book.

We are planning of visiting the radio studio next time with some patrons for them to share some benefits of reading with listeners.

Report from Ghana libraries the first week of March

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a brief update report about happenings at the three community libraries being supported by FAVL through CESRUD for the first week of March. Attendance to the respective community libraries for week one of March was very good and encouraging. Most basic pupils and a good number of Senior High Schools student who are home for vacation patronized the respective libraries and read story books, studied notes taken from schools, practiced mathematics, and read their courses text books among others activities. Interacting with the patrons, I was told the libraries are conducive environment and places for attentive reading and focused learning. At the Sumbrungu community library, attendance for week one of March was quite impressive, some of the patrons in the course of the week read story books from the library while others studied. At the Sherigu community library, attendances to the library were also good for the first week of March. Patrons who visited the library also read  story books from the library, read their notes from school and worked on their assignments. The librarian was at post ensuring that everything worked well for an enjoyable and fun reading. The librarian was able to read few story books in group with patrons. The renovation works at the Gowrie-Kunkua library is steadily progressing and there will be more updates in a few days time.

Gowrie-Kunkua repair update

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a brief update report on progress of the plastering works at the Gowrie-Kunkua community library. The interior plastering have since been completed and plastering of the exterior walls has begun. The good thing is with where the plastering works have reached, I’m optimistic that by the end of this month (March) all renovation works will be completed and the library will be open for public patronage. The work have actually been delayed but when completed, I envisage a more beautiful looking library with more space than the former. So in brief, work is ongoing and will soon be completed.

February update from Ghana libraries

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: The month of February began well with good attendance being recorded at the community libraries. There has been a noted increase in attendance compared to January. Sumbrungu Community Library as visited multiple times by students and teachers from the St. Charles Lwanga JHS, as well as by students from the Bolgatanga Technical University. Sherigu Community Library was patronized by students from St. Peter Academy, and the librarian Miss Cecilia Adombilla performed an admirable task in repairing many well-read library books. Renovations continue progressing at Gowrie-Kukua Community Library, with the plastering task well underway. As a result, attendance is still rather low at Gowrie-Kunkua for the time being.

Updates from CESRUD/FAVL librarian meeting

From Paul Ayutoliya: The CESRUD/FAVL Ghana staff and librarians end of month meeting was held at the Sumbrungu Community Library the 29th of January 2021. We thank all of our librarians for attending and doing an excellent job in keeping their libraries operational. Sumbrungu Community Librarian Asanga Joseph started the meeting with the impressive patronage of the library and touched on the various activities that occurred. Sherigu Community Librarian Miss Cecilia Adombila also commented on the steady level of attendance and the activities at her library. The Gowrie-Kunkua community librarian, Mr. Nyaaba Wilfred, also reported a good month, albeit with lower than usual patronage due to the library relocation. He did however record low patronage during the month due to the temporal relocation of the library. All librarians have been tasked with ensuring the safety of library patrons during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as innovative strategies to promote reading. Two highlighted books for the upcoming month are The Great Ponds by Elechi Amadi and The Coast of Slaves. The FAVL/CESRUD team would also like to thank all of our supporters for their ongoing care and attention!

January events in the Ghana libraries

Paul Ayutoliya writes:

January began with a group cleaning of our three libraries on the 11th to prepare for our reopening on the 12th. Turnout of course started off low, but picked up as our group reading activities resumed. Our reading this month highlighted two books, Kente for a King, Kanwum and Bunsela and Grooming and Personal Hygiene for the Youth. It is critically important that we take our role as educators seriously, and thus provide both reading for entertainment and for education. We are pleased to state that our patrons are receptive to our activities and lessons, and we hope to continue helping to educate our communities. We would also like to acknowledge the many students of St. Peter and Paul Academy as well as of Dorongo Primary and Junior High Schools that patronize the Sherigu Library. Congratulations to our Sumbrungu librarian Mr. Apenoore Timothy on completing his degree in Civil Engineering from Bolgatanga Technical University! He will be beginning his national service with the Northern Development Authority while assistant librarian Mr. Asanga Joseph Ayingura will take over his role.

Ghana’s second week back

From Paul Ayutoliya

The community libraries in Ghana were officially opened to the public on the 12th of January 2021. Attendance was low the first week but greatly increased the second week with lots of group reading, individual reading, and playing of some fun games. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, we read the story of Kente for a King by Angela Christian and retold by Kathy Knowles. Pupils and students having to stay away from books and learning for close to a year seriously affected the reading ability of many. But the good news is that the libraries are back and running offering everyone the opportunity to pick up a book of their choice and read. We are impressed with the patronage of the Sumbrungu community library so far. At Sherigu community library, the story of patronage was the same. Attendance increased in the second week as a result of some interesting reading activities held by the librarian Miss Cecilia Adombila. She read the Fati series by Kathy Knowles among other storybooks. At the Gowrie Kunkua community library attendance is low as patrons are waiting for the renovation works to be completed. Once renovations are complete and books are moved back in, we expect attendance to increase as usual! In conclusion, the respective community libraries are recording some significant increases in the number of patrons visiting the libraries! We are hopeful of more attendance and good use of the library books moving forward.

December 2020 statistics Ghana libraries

The librarians all report that December started and ended well with lots of interesting libraries activities. Patronage to the libraries for the month was very encouraging. Basic pupils during the month maximized the usage of the respective libraries in preparation for their end of term exams. But overall attendance numbers for the respective libraries were reduced as compared to the previous month. The 7th December 2020, general elections, the Christmas festivities and the New Year mood played a significant role in the reduced numbers recorded. The librarians all concluded their reports by extending their sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire FAVL team, CESRUD Executive Director, the libraries Coordinator and their cherished library users. They wished us all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Statistics of patronage for November 2020 Ghana libraries

CESRUD/FAVL Ghana librarians all report that November began and ended well with lots of interesting libraries activities. The number of patrons visiting the respective community libraries has significantly increased as the negative impact of the COVID 19 pandemic appears to be at minimum. The Sumbrungu Community Librarian reports that patronages to the library were very great especially during the night periods.  Library activities during the month include story reading, spellings of words, group reading among others. The Sherigu Community Librarian reports also of good patronage to the library for the month, especially the day time sessions.  Activities that took place in the library include individual reading, cleanup exercise and others. From the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Librarian, November attendance for was good with interesting reading activities. The respective librarians extended their sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire FAVL team. They also thanked the leadership of CESRUD and other donor bodies that who support reading activities.