Formation du gérant de la bibliothèque de Konkourona

La période du 22 au 26 août 2022 a été marquée par la formation de Ramdé Issaika, gérant de la bibliothèque communautaire de Konkourona dans la commune de Lena. Cette formation a été assuré par le coordonnateur national de Amis des Bibliothèques de Villages du Burkina Faso. Débutée le 22 août 2022 à la bibliothèque de l’ONG Humanitas à Bobo, elle a pris fin le 26 août à la bibliothèque de Konkourona. Durant cinq jours, monsieur Ramdé Issiaka a été formé sur les outils de gestion et l’animation d’une bibliothèque. Le manuel du bibliothécaire et le guide d’animation ont été parcourus et expliqués. A l’issu de cette formation, monsieur Ramdé dit avoir bien assimilé tout ce qui lui a été donné au long de la formation. Pour le coordonnateur national, le gérant formé à tous les capacités pour assurer la gestion de la bibliothèque. Dans ensemble c’est un gérant très motivé prêt à servir et qui aime les enfants.

Update on Bereba library status

We would like to make progress in rehabilitating the library in Bereba, but unfortunately the security situation in Burkina Faso continues to deteriorate. Over the past year the community of Bereba has been attacked twice (armed gunmen attacking the police and forestry post). Other villages in the area have also been attacked. The gendarmerie of the main town of the province, Houndé, was attacked. This high insecurity makes it hard for FAVL and partner personnel to carry out activities. Moreover, the military government, which took power in a coup d’état in January 2022, suspended local civilian leadership, replacing it with military appointed local leadership. These leaders have little legitimacy and authority, and are unable to act as good partners. So progress has slowed. We continue to regularly reach out to local partners, both informally and in government, to try to assess when we might be able to make more progress.

In the meantime, FAVL continues to support the library in Bereba (and neighboring Dimikuy) by supporting the librarians and ensuring the libraries are open part of the week for readers. We have focused also in Burkina Faso on our project to print 10,000 copies of 50 titles in our “local authors” series. These are short illustrated books for young readers, photocopied. We anticipate finishing these in September, and distributing 250 copies to each of the libraries in Bereba and Dimikuy, as well as to other libraries in Tuy province.


Lutex Community Library in Uganda

Lutex Community Library located in Mukono municipality 50 meters on Kayunga/Bugerere road is houses a total of 1,600 books mostly vocational and leisure reading books for children. It opens from Monday to Saturday starting 7:30am-5:30pm. It is run by its founder, Fred Lukyamuzi Musoke, a determined, skilled and professional vocational trainer. The library is managed by 2 staff and 1 volunteer. “The library is going to grow over time and is a place where you can get all information, you go places because of the library and the information we access,” says Fred Lukyamuzi Musoke. Lukyamuzi mentions that they shall be expanding the library to the new site since they are still in the rented space. Their target is to be able to accommodate all types of users of the library. Currently the adults share the space with the kids and emphasis are to design a children’s corner specifically to children. They participated in the recently concluded UgCLA conference and learnt from their colleagues running community libraries.

Visite de la Bibliothèque Mobile Pénélope (B.M.P.) #Burkina

Les stagiaires accompagnés du coordonnateur et de l’animateur se sont rendus à l’école Sainte Thérèse de Jésus pour la visite de la B.M.P. Une fois sur place, les stagiaires ainsi que le gérant se sont présentés. Philippe Bagagna est celui qui gère la B.M.P. Celui-ci a fait une présentation de sa bibliothèque, des livres qui la contient, des jeux et à donner les informations concernant les jours que la bibliothèque fonctionne. Durant les échanges, les stagiaires ont appris beaucoup sur le travail de ce gérant. Quelques enfants étaient avec lui et les stagiaires ont passé un temps de jeu avec les enfants. Avant le départ, les stagiaires ont adressé beaucoup d’encouragements à l’endroit du gérant.

Daily activities in Sumbrungu Community Library (SCL) for the second and third week of August, 2022

From librarian Marinus Amoah Anaba
The community library is a place where most of the kids in the Sumbrungu community like to come during vacation and school days. So on Monday the 8th August, I opened the library as at 9:00am, we had a heavy downpour that morning which I could not open on the official opening time (8am). I tidy up the library as usual and shelved used books by patrons. We had a lot of activities that day; group reading, storytelling, this was done by patrons, and individual reading to prepare for their end of term examination Some students from Kolgo Junior High School came to the library at noon, I took some of them through some IT tips and late had life skills activities with them. I closed the library at our official hour thus 2pm. On Tuesday 9th august, 2022, I opened the library at 8am, I really was not feeling well that morning but the passion I have for the job motivated me. I love to be in the library because I learn a lot from the patrons. We had our daily activities but this day was different; I took some pupils of St. Charles Lwanga Primary School through the ‘Mavis Beacon typing tuition application’ which they learnt how to type and even type faster. We had our group reading, the book we read was ‘David at the Mines’. It was a wonderful day. I closed at 2:09pm. On Wednesday (10th august, 2022) I had to tidy up the library because the previous day I could not clean it as usual, some patrons helped me to do that alongside. I opened the library at 8am. I had to move some books and rearrange those books on the shelves. We had storytelling and individual reading on this day. The St. Charles Lwanga Junior High School students came during the day for their personal studies and revision to write their end of term examination. I closed the library at 2:10pm. On Thursday (11th august, 2022) we had only storytelling because it was a vacation day for most of our patrons. They were engaged in their schools for that reason only a few came over to the library. It was not a busy day so I had to search for some riddles and answers to be used during the holiday’s activities. I will ask them some questions (riddles) and they will have to answer it correct. I closed the library at 2pm. On Friday (12th August, 2022) I was pleased to see some members of our Read’s Club on Friday, they came to library to read and interact with each other as well, we played games and watch a movie. I was an interacting day for all of us including our noble National Service Personnel who was present to as well.

On 15th August, 2022 thus the first Monday of the holidays, I opened the library as at 8am, I cleaned the library and shelved used books. SCL received good number patrons in the Sumbrungu area. Some of the Reader’s Club members came to the library early and we had some library activities such as; Group reading, storytelling, Games and video show, it was a wonderful day because members cooperated and answered the riddle questions well and some even explained those questions with confidence. Later that day we received some students from the Bolgatanga Technical University at the library for their personal studies. I took them through the library regulation and helped them look for some books. I was helped by our National Service personnel to guide our patrons (Club members) on how to spell and mention some English words from some African story books. On Tuesday (16th August, 2022), after reporting to the library as at 8am, some Reader’s Club members and some friends from the Bolgatanga Technical University visited the library, I made the club members select African story books of their choice and guide them to read. I was helped by our National Service Personnel. I am very happy working with her, she is very cooperative and helpful. After some time of intensive reading, I gave the patrons a break of 15mins to take their snacks. On their return they watched a movie on the television. We later played games. On Wednesday (17th August, 2022), I opened the library as at 8am, I tidy up and shelved the books used the previous day, after which I read a book entitled ‘Faustina My Cousin’ while waiting for the Reader’s Club members to come to the library. We started our daily activities with a storytelling, one of our patrons told us a very interesting story, after which I asked of the moral lessons learnt from it.Some students from Kolgo Junior High School came to the library after they closed from their vacation classes to join our group reading. On Thursday (18th August, 2022), I opened the library as at 8am, it was a good and bright day because it did not rain on this day. We had outdoor games in the community library, we played ampé, soccer, hid-and-seek and played cards. The patrons were excited because I played with them. I recorded good numbers of patrons on this day; also some students from Bolgatanga Technical University came over to read some African story books. We had an hour to watch a movie and closed the library at 2pm. On Friday (19th August, 2022), we had our Friday’s activities: games, storytelling, and socialisation, the patrons started gathering at the library very early. I opened the library at around 8am, I tidy up the library and shelved some books used the previous day.We watched educative a movie on ‘Early marriages and teenage pregnancy’. I advise patrons on how to take care of one’s self when you are in your adolescences stage of life. Some patrons asked question which we tried answering them very well. After some time I allowed them to borrow some books which they can take it home and bring it on Monday. I also asked them to inform their fellow colleagues who are not coming to the library that there will be ‘vacation classes’ this includes ‘English Language’ and ‘Mathematics’ from Basic 3 to Basic 6 from Monday 22/08/2022 to Friday 9/09/. We closed the library at 2pm.

Remise de livres à la bibliothèque de Koho

Le 04 aout, la bibliothèque de Koho a abrité la remise des livres. Cette remise a vu la présence du président CVD de Koho, le responsable de HGO et ALTESS, l’équipe de FAVL, le représentant de la délégation spécial de la mairie de Houndé et y compris les lecteurs. Il faut noter que cette remise a observé des interventions de FAVL, CVD, HGO et ALTESS. A l’issu des différentes interventions, une remise d’environ 230 livres ont été remis au représentant de FAVL pour la bibliothèque de Koho suivi des photos. HGO et ALTESS espère les jours à venir renforcer encore plus le fond documentaire. Le représentant de la délégation spéciale se dit également satisfait car cela va diversifier le fond documentaire chez les enfants et les attirer encore plus les enfants à la lecture.

Encadrement des élèves en lecture

Mariam et Nadège stagiaires à FAVL, ont pris part le 05 août dernier à la cérémonie de remise des livres à la bibliothèque de Koho commune de Houndé. A cette occasion, elles ont visité ladite bibliothèque et ont saisi l’opportunité d’encadrer des élèves du primaire qui étaient présents. Elles se disent satisfait d’avoir touché du doigt quelques réalités du travail de gérant de la bibliothèque qu’elles ne trouvent pas facile.

Visite des stagiaires dans les bibliothèques de Karaba et de Dohoun

Les deux stagiaires de FAVL, Mariame SANOGO et Nadège YABRÉ accompagnées du coordonnateur, Dounko SANOU et de l’animateur de FAVL-BF, Alidou BOUÉ, lors d’une mission dans la province du Tuy, ont effectué une visite dans les bibliothèques communautaires de Karaba et de Dohoun le 06 août 2022. La visite a débuté par la bibliothèque de Karaba et a pris fin par la bibliothèque de Dohoun. Ce fut une occasion pour nos stagiaires d’échanger avec les gérants sur la gestion et le fonctionnement d’une bibliothèque. Le coordinateur a aussi profité de l’occasion pour aborder la question de la rémunération des gérants. Celui-ci les a informés qu’une correspondance a été adressée aux responsables de la mairie et que, compte tenu des nouvelles nominations qui ont lieu au cours de la semaine, la procédure risquerait de tarder. Par conséquent, il invite les gérants à s’impliquer dans le processus de résolution en se rendant de temps en temps à la mairie pour connaitre l’évolution de la situation.

Remise de lot de livres à la bibliothèque de Koho par A.T.S.

Le jeudi 04 août 2022, la bibliothèque de Koho a reçu en son sein la cérémonie de remise de lot de 234 livres pour enfant par l’un des partenaires de la mine de Houndé, Applicant Tracking System (A.T.S.). Étaient présents à cette cérémonie, une équipe de FAVL, le chef du village, un représentant de la PDS, un représentant des bénéficiaires et les concernés qui sont les enfants eux-mêmes. M. Sawadogo, responsable communautaire de A.T.S. est celui qui a remis le lot de livres au coordonnateur de FAVL. Conscient de l’importance de la lecture pour l’éducation des enfants, ATS a tenu à faire ce don car il veut permettre aux enfants de s’instruire et se former davantage. Pour M. Sawadogo « un enfant qui lit sera un adulte qui pense », ces enfants un jour pourront servir leur communauté. Pour terminer, le geste de ATS a été grandement honoré par les autorités et les bénéficiaires.

Rencontre avec Donkoui Koura et Robert Bazoun

Le 05 août, l’équipe de FAVL, en mission dans la province du Tuy, a organisé une rencontre avec monsieur Donkoui KOURA, point focal de FAVL à Houndé et monsieur Robert BAZOUN, illustrateur des livres C.M.H. L’objectif de cette rencontre était d’avoir une idée sur l’état d’avancement de la rédaction des livres et du traitement des dessins. À cet effet, KOURA et BAZOUN ont donné des explications sur les motifs qui retardaient les différentes activités. Mais, ils ont promis qu’ils finaliseront leurs travaux d’ici la fin de la semaine. Pendant cette rencontre, nos stagiaires, Mariame et Nadège ont eu le plaisir de faire la connaissance des deux écrivaines Karafahanou Sylvie KOURA et Juliette KOURA. Elles se sont entretenues sur le livre de Sylvie KOURA Inis et l’argent facile. Les échanges furent fructueux.

Visite aux bibliothèques de Karaba et Dohoun par stagiaires de ABVBF

Les stagiaires Mariam et Nadège, lors de leur mission du 03 au 06 août à Houndé, ont saisi l’opportunité de visiter les bibliothèques de Karaba et celle de Dohoun. Elles ont pu s’enquérir de la gestion et du fonctionnement des dites bibliothèque et aussi des activités d’animations auprès des gérants. Elles ont encouragé et remercier les gérants du travail et d’avoir beaucoup s’enrichit des nouvelles de ces bibliothèques.