Visit to Sherigu community library in #Ghana, January 2023

From Benedict Akana, CESRUD library coordinator: I paid a visit to Sherigu Community Library and I want to share with you some pictures and thoughts. The community library has been the center for many children and adults. They come to read and do research work. In one of the pictures you will see two adults using the library for the personal research works. One of them is studying for professional exams (charter accountancy) and the other a master program. I want you to know that FAVL efforts of making the community library a usable environment for reading is fondamental for the local people. The children from the community also find interesting books to read. There are also some works to be completed at Sherigu community library. The front window needs louvre carriers and nettings, there are also visible wall cracks to be worked and other minor repairs to be done.