Daily activities in Sumbrungu Community Library (SCL) for the fourth week of August 2022 #Ghana

By: Marinus Amoah Anaba
“I have been struggling to mention and read African story books and even at school”, that’s the words of a patron who is in class three. So, I took it my responsibility to help him to read! On the Monday 22nd August, I opened the library with joy as at around 8am. I first of all tidy up the library hall. We started our vacation classes. We had group reading on this day, the title of the Book we read was ‘Peter’s Wish’. I first read the book loudly after which I asked patrons to read it loud, I was amazed that our patrons read the story book very well. I asked them the lessons learnt from the story which most of them answered. After which I conducted dictation for them more than half of the number on Monday scored it. They were 30 patrons present. On the 23rd of August, 2022, we had a low number of patrons in attendance because of a rainfall in the morning; most parents did not allow their kids to come out. We had individual reading on this day I read ‘Peter Pan’ these story book is very interesting, it contains funny and educative information, I later asked patrons to spell a couple of word I had asked them to study at home the previous night at home. It is very difficult to motivate these kids to come without giving them something, so I bought toffees on this day just to encourage them. They were very happy and claimed that they will come with their friends. The 24th of August was a very busy day in the Sumbrungu Community library, I had to tidy up the library and shelve used books the previous day. I had to combine all patrons in attendance to teach them how to mention some words and use them to form sentences with them; I was amazed to read the sentences constructed by patrons. I help patrons with some pencils and pens to aid them write and learn with ease. On this day the numbers had increased, very encouraging number, the library was almost full of kids, it was very difficult to handle them but with the aid of our National Service Personnel, we had a good day.

On the 25th August, I grouped patrons into two groups namely ‘Group 1 and Group 2. I organized a Quiz between them to see what they learn when they come to the library. Each group consisted of four pupil, I asked question on General Knowledge, Mathematics, and English. The patrons cheered their brothers and sisters during the quiz. After which I asked them to play a couple of games in the library while waiting for the results. After the results were ready, group 2 won the quiz with 25 points and group 1 with 15 points, I encouraged them not to give up because next time will be big and rewards would be given as well. The 26th August, was a Friday, I opened the library a little late from the official opening time, because I had a problem with my motor bike when coming to the library on this day. Friday’s activities are Games, Video show, and socialisations. Patrons get the chance to make new friends from different schools and also have the chance to watch educative videos on the internet.