Daily activities in Sumbrungu Community Library (SCL) for the second and third week of August, 2022

From librarian Marinus Amoah Anaba
The community library is a place where most of the kids in the Sumbrungu community like to come during vacation and school days. So on Monday the 8th August, I opened the library as at 9:00am, we had a heavy downpour that morning which I could not open on the official opening time (8am). I tidy up the library as usual and shelved used books by patrons. We had a lot of activities that day; group reading, storytelling, this was done by patrons, and individual reading to prepare for their end of term examination Some students from Kolgo Junior High School came to the library at noon, I took some of them through some IT tips and late had life skills activities with them. I closed the library at our official hour thus 2pm. On Tuesday 9th august, 2022, I opened the library at 8am, I really was not feeling well that morning but the passion I have for the job motivated me. I love to be in the library because I learn a lot from the patrons. We had our daily activities but this day was different; I took some pupils of St. Charles Lwanga Primary School through the ‘Mavis Beacon typing tuition application’ which they learnt how to type and even type faster. We had our group reading, the book we read was ‘David at the Mines’. It was a wonderful day. I closed at 2:09pm. On Wednesday (10th august, 2022) I had to tidy up the library because the previous day I could not clean it as usual, some patrons helped me to do that alongside. I opened the library at 8am. I had to move some books and rearrange those books on the shelves. We had storytelling and individual reading on this day. The St. Charles Lwanga Junior High School students came during the day for their personal studies and revision to write their end of term examination. I closed the library at 2:10pm. On Thursday (11th august, 2022) we had only storytelling because it was a vacation day for most of our patrons. They were engaged in their schools for that reason only a few came over to the library. It was not a busy day so I had to search for some riddles and answers to be used during the holiday’s activities. I will ask them some questions (riddles) and they will have to answer it correct. I closed the library at 2pm. On Friday (12th August, 2022) I was pleased to see some members of our Read’s Club on Friday, they came to library to read and interact with each other as well, we played games and watch a movie. I was an interacting day for all of us including our noble National Service Personnel who was present to as well.

On 15th August, 2022 thus the first Monday of the holidays, I opened the library as at 8am, I cleaned the library and shelved used books. SCL received good number patrons in the Sumbrungu area. Some of the Reader’s Club members came to the library early and we had some library activities such as; Group reading, storytelling, Games and video show, it was a wonderful day because members cooperated and answered the riddle questions well and some even explained those questions with confidence. Later that day we received some students from the Bolgatanga Technical University at the library for their personal studies. I took them through the library regulation and helped them look for some books. I was helped by our National Service personnel to guide our patrons (Club members) on how to spell and mention some English words from some African story books. On Tuesday (16th August, 2022), after reporting to the library as at 8am, some Reader’s Club members and some friends from the Bolgatanga Technical University visited the library, I made the club members select African story books of their choice and guide them to read. I was helped by our National Service Personnel. I am very happy working with her, she is very cooperative and helpful. After some time of intensive reading, I gave the patrons a break of 15mins to take their snacks. On their return they watched a movie on the television. We later played games. On Wednesday (17th August, 2022), I opened the library as at 8am, I tidy up and shelved the books used the previous day, after which I read a book entitled ‘Faustina My Cousin’ while waiting for the Reader’s Club members to come to the library. We started our daily activities with a storytelling, one of our patrons told us a very interesting story, after which I asked of the moral lessons learnt from it.Some students from Kolgo Junior High School came to the library after they closed from their vacation classes to join our group reading. On Thursday (18th August, 2022), I opened the library as at 8am, it was a good and bright day because it did not rain on this day. We had outdoor games in the community library, we played ampé, soccer, hid-and-seek and played cards. The patrons were excited because I played with them. I recorded good numbers of patrons on this day; also some students from Bolgatanga Technical University came over to read some African story books. We had an hour to watch a movie and closed the library at 2pm. On Friday (19th August, 2022), we had our Friday’s activities: games, storytelling, and socialisation, the patrons started gathering at the library very early. I opened the library at around 8am, I tidy up the library and shelved some books used the previous day.We watched educative a movie on ‘Early marriages and teenage pregnancy’. I advise patrons on how to take care of one’s self when you are in your adolescences stage of life. Some patrons asked question which we tried answering them very well. After some time I allowed them to borrow some books which they can take it home and bring it on Monday. I also asked them to inform their fellow colleagues who are not coming to the library that there will be ‘vacation classes’ this includes ‘English Language’ and ‘Mathematics’ from Basic 3 to Basic 6 from Monday 22/08/2022 to Friday 9/09/. We closed the library at 2pm.