Meets with school librarians #Ghana

On 2 August 2022, the Coordinator of the community libraries (CESRUD/FAVL) met with the Library Reps of all the public schools within the circuits of Bolgatanga West B and Bolgatanga North. The goals of the meeting: To share previous activities and progress as far as the Community Library is concerned; To cement the relationship between CESRUD/FAVL (the community library of Sumbrungu) and the schools that are within the sector of their circuits; To encourage them to reactivate their interest in the reading among the pupils; To form an active School Library Reps Committee in view of school library activities. They were very happy to share with passion their interest to collaborate with the community library. They were 10 representatives present. For the formation of the committee, they suggested to have it done in the presence of their various school heads. So, they will fix the date for that meeting soon.