Weekly update from Ghana libraries

At Sumbrungu community library the pupils of the surrounding schools made good use of the library. Also, at night time, they came in their number.

The librarian, Marinus, mentioned that the management of the Sumbrungu Business Women Association has complained about the way the pupils use the outside water tap. Even, our library users wet the entrance of yard. So, we have decided to purchase a big container and cups where we can store water for our library users in order to stop them spoil or open the tap.

At Sherigu community library, the surrounding schools also came to the library. The whole week day the library recorded a good number of Library users for both day and night.

Gowrie-kunkua community librarian recorded a good number of Library users. The librarian also was able to have the classroom group reading with pupils at the kunkua primary school. He has requested that the new shelves should be painted. Also, the surrounding of the community library is full of grown grasses. So, we will need the weedicide spray the grasses.