Update from Ghana libraries last week of May 2022

From Benedict Akana, CESRUD library coordinator:

At Sumbrungu community library, on Monday, I paid a visit there to do my usual supervision and monitoring. There were a good number of Library users. They came from the schools around. They were reading quietly individually. I spent time to there reading some books. At Sherigu community library, on Tuesday, I paid a visit and similar experience and reading atmosphere was witness there. There were teachers and pupils using the library. They were very happy to see me there, and likewise myself. They said if I had not visited their schools to give a sensitisation talk about the library they would not have known that it was possible for them to visit. They were given the opportunity to borrow some books. Wednesday I went to meet the president of the library committee bring to the library the metal door to the library premises at Sherigu. What is needed to do now is to fix it in place of the wooden door. And get new padlocks. The committee on behalf of the community sends their profound gratitude to FAVL.

At Gowrie-Kunkua community library, on Thursday, I visited all the schools around. I was able to discuss with the various headteachers about our activities and interest of helping all the pupils to make school use of the library. I had the opportunity to invite the pupils to visit the library. And today Saturday, the library was full. We recorded about seventy user and members of the library Club members.

Reading at Gowrite-Kunkua library